“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

                                                            Volume 15 No.5. December 25, 2010

Annual Barnstormer Christmas Party January 15th


I have lost count but who cares! Our annual Christmas Party will be held January 15, 2011. This date was OK with everyone that replied.


As usual we will start around 6PM and go to the last one drops.


Kim is bringing wings, Jay American Chop Suey, and I can expect we will all taste Vic’s great cheese cake again. Mary is making the cranberry meatballs and I am sure one or more dishes.


Bring what you want to drink.



Halfway through the 2010 – 2011 Contest Season


The first two major contests are behind us with ARRL DX CW next up. Of course we have January VHF, and CQ160 CW before then.


Although we still hurt for a good horizontal antenna on 40M our operating skills are really improving. CQWW CW – more than 5000 QSOs, more than 11M points. I would never had imagined we would improve this much.


Some comments:


Awesome score Dick! – KM3T


Great gg Dick! Can’t wait to see how that 40 beam works!   73   JACK W1WEF

Wow.  >5,000 Q's   >11.4 M

Your team has come a long way. I think I can recall when you guys considered
2,000 Q's a good weekend.  Congratulations.  – Fred K1VR

All these comments are well earned and you all should feel proud of what we have accomplished.


Scores like recent ones make others notice The Barnstormer Contest Group.!!


Well done crew!





We are still plugging along.


40M Dallas is waiting for element to Boom plates and clamps.


AA1CE installed the 5 element 6M on the 10M tower getting ready for January SS.


We have begun to tear down the ceiling. Not a nice job and a mess but last week AA1CE, NB1U, NR1X, and KB1H made quite an opening in the ceiling. Once down we will assess what we do for the cabling.


Most other projects have had no progress since the last Project List was sent out. Don’t worry; I won’t let you guys slow down!


N1XS has done allot of work remotely on the Website. Take a look if you have not been there lately.




Hope to see everyone on the 15th and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!