“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

                                                            Volume 15 No.4. September 27, 2010

Well, just over a month until CQWW SSB! That is coming quick and I really don’t see us 100% ready for this one. We will try our best with what we got ready I am sure.


Slow but steady progress on most fronts has been ongoing. It just seems not enough of us can put the time in to get much done.


I have really burnt out Dave with climbing work. Thanks to him and Paul, KE1LI we got the tower finished. Everything is wired above and ready for final wiring in the shack.


This past weekend Kim ran most of the wires to the barn and next is to get them into the barn along with removing unnecessary coax and hardline. Unbelievable amount of work to finish!  Allan and I finished modifying the reflector on the Dallas antenna. Now that we have done one element the next two should go faster. Jay installed the replacement relay in the Titan and that is fixed now. Good job Jay!


The “Spud Gun” squad shot a line over the trees so Frank can get his Delta loops up.


I will be attaching two documents to this Storm Watch. One is a Post Contest checklist so I/we don’t forget to send a log in and the other document will be the list of open projects.


The Post Contest list is self explanatory.


The project list is for all of us to look at and see what tasks need to be done and what YOU can do to help. As I had said n an earlier email I can not keep all fronts moving and be involved in each project. I am looking for the crew to grab hold of the list and be determined to “git er done!!”


Vic has been busy pasting labels on QSLs and all KB1H cards have been answered. I got a small packet of NZ1U cards in Saturday and will get them done soon.






Station Use


This past weekend I also felt like playing in the RTTY contest and once again have found problems with equipment. The 40M antenna system has a high SWR and the Station 3 Titan would not key.  Lately finding things broke has been the norm.  I believe the only way we will get over this is to get more use out of the equipment so problems do not get piled up.


Last year or the previous year I made the hope that we would operate in EVERY contest. We surely have fallen short of that this year. I think we need to commit to this practice again. Even if only a few hours in each contest. Surely some of the crew can put in a few hours but not in every contest. There are just too many things broke we have to fix and exercise.


I will be sending emails and asking for people to sign up for operating times. Again, even if one person uses the station for a few hours we will get an idea of the condition of the equipment.


OK, I want keep this Storm Watch short so I can get the documents done and sent with this issue.


Take a look at the project list and decide what you can help with. At this point we don’t need operators, we need workers!


73 Dick