“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

                                                            Volume 15 No.3. June 9, 2010


Where are we now…


We have reached the halfway point of the calendar year (almost) so where are we with our projects and team development…



Well, we have been pushing on all fronts and here is the progress report:


New Tower


As most of you know, the tower is up to 155’ and waiting for the finishing top work. The K0XG Ring Rotor is partially installed. We found some parts missing and we should receive them in the next few days.


The top plate, rotor, mast, and 6M then must be installed. Climbers have been AA1CE, KB1NRB, KE1LI, and KB1H. It has been very tough to get at least two climbers on any given day so progress has been slow. The ground crew has always been there and I think at one time or another everyone has helped.


Our progress has been documented and can be seen on the website.


We are planning on June 17th to be the next big push. Please try to make it that day.


“The Dallas


The final plans from K1DW have arrived. We need to discuss and understand what needs to be done to modify and finish the antenna.


This antenna is modeling a forward gain of more than 13 dbi!!! Great SWR 7.000 – 7.300


6M Power Supply


AA1CE has continued to plug away on the construction and is nearing the finish. The tower work has slowed Dave down but the end is in sight!



Outgoing QSLs


I received 2000 KB1H and 2000 NZ1U QSLs from the printer. ($200.00) I recently finished typing in all the NZ1U QSLs that need to be answered and I am now starting on the KB1H cards. This will bring us up to date before the start of the 2010-2011 contest season which is always my goal. Vic has still faithfully put the labels on for us.


Sorting Incoming QSLs


I thought we had dodged a bullet as our callsign did not show up in the email sent out by K1SG with who would be receiving a box of incoming QSLs to sort. Well, we got a box! We need to schedule another evening of fun sorting in the next few weeks.



K9AY Listening Antenna


I bought a K9AY listening array from K1DG. This has never been used and cost $200.00. We need to install this as another listening option for our low band efforts. Don’t forget we also have a DX Engineering listening vertical to install.


Other Projects List:


  1. 80M 4-Square guy ropes and anchors need adjusting
  2. Middle 15M beam has been reported as not working
  3. Shack clean up (it is a REAL mess!)
  4. 80M wire antenna, This will be a reversible two loop antenna
  5. Sorting and storing the various antennas, towers, and aluminum we have lying around.






For a brief time W1UJ operated in the CQWW WPX CW contest. Jay was doing very well but had to leave for work and too bad as he was contending. What I did see though was someone who knows how to use the SO2R setup really putting it through some paces. It was amazing!


I have ordered a second YCCC SO2R for Station #1. Someday I am sure most of us will get the hang of SO2R at least where it will be helpful.


By the way, Tom was able to sell the MicroHam unit on eBay but at a much reduced price. That money went towards the new tower and also the 4000 QSLs and the K9AY array. Unfortunately that meant Kim has to wait a little longer to recoup all his money for the ring rotor.



“Open Station”  Returns


My plan is to hold the “Open Station” Saturdays again soon. Probably towards the end of July and in the months leading up to the start of the contest season. A twofold purpose is to look for new Barnstormer team members and also recruit for the YCCC.



Barnstormer Apparel


I want to put in an order for more Barnstormer apparel. I know Tom is looking for a fleece jacket. Allan needs a hat. I am ordering a light weight jacket. Please let me know ASAP if you want anything. The link to the website for the company we have been ordering from is http://www.hamthreads.com



June 17th June 17th June 17th

Our next work party

Tower and ground help needed