“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

                                                            Volume 15 No.2. April 5, 2010

Spring, warm weather, and tower work!

The warm weather has finally arrived and we have basically finished the 2009-2010 contest season with the completion of the four majors, CQWW DX CW & SSB and ARRL DX CW & SSB.


How did we do?




Band    QSOs    Pts   Cty   ZN

  1.8       42       103    27     8

  3.5     247       681    84   18

     7     336       927  103   27

   14   1436     4050  121   35

   21   1081     3111  125   29

   28       73       210    17     8

Total  3215    9082  477  125   Score : 5,467,364




Band      QSOs      Pts    Cty   ZN

   1.8          70       181    40    15

   3.5        543     1464    89    23

      7      1191     3176  126    31

    14      1672     4857  131    34

    21        887     2533  116    29

    28          44       114    21    12

   Total  4407  12325   523  144 = 8,220,775



  Band      QSOs      Pts    Cty

    1.8          91        270     52

    3.5        696      2088     75

       7      1266      3798   102

     14      2087      6249   108

     21      1688      5061   105

     28          54        162     26  

  Total    5882   17628  468 = 8,249,904




  Band      QSOs      Pts    Cty

    1.8          56        168     38

    3.5        315        942     74

       7        640      1920     96

     14      1339      4011   108

     21        819      2451   103

     28          67        198     18

  Total    3236      9690    437 = 4,234,539


The list of operators was pretty much the same for all contests. KB1H, K1EBY, NB1U, W1UJ, KB1NRB had 100% participation. Others contributing in some of the contests were KM1X, AA1CE, KB1DFB, KE1LI, KB1SBC, and K1IN.


Our crew is usually small and the five regulars work hard. Most everyone else also works just as hard getting ready for the contests.


In all I feel we had a good year and even though the bands got a little better we scored much better as our operating skills are improving.


Some of the email comments I received:


Now that's a great score!  Way to go Barnstormers!! – NN1N

Great job! – W1WEF


Super rockin' M/2 numbers!!!!!  Absolutely fine job by you and the team!  73, Dave KM3T


Congrats Dick to you and the whole team.  Nice job!! – Mark K1RX


Great job!  You guys were everywhere!! – K5ZD


This was the first time I've had a chance to hear your guys "from the other end."  Of course you may not have been aiming the same fire-power South as you would aim at EU, but you were plenty loud.  All that antenna work has paid off. --Fred K1VR (from PJ4G M/S on Bonaire)


Well that is not all of them but it that doesn’t make you feel good I don’t know what will. And we are not done yet!!!


We have plans and do not expect to be sitting still this Summer so get ready for the work details.


40 Meter Tower Update


Well, the weather has finally gotten to Spring and now we have a chore to finish – the 40 Meter tower! NO EXCUSES NOW!


The K0XG Ring Rotor is to be delivered about the 13th of April. I am going to be in Germany but our faithful KB1DFB will meet K0XG and take delivery. I return on April 18th.


Can we schedule April 24th for the first attempt to finish the tower. Last weekend KB1DFB and KB1H finished mounting and aligning the parts on the top section. It is ready to go!


I have asked Dallas, K1DW, for the final dimensions of the antenna so that can be finished as well.

Barnstormer Gear Order


I am preparing an order for NZ1U gear from B&B Embroidery. Hats, shirts, heavy and light weight jackets are available. Any one want to add to the order? There is a catalog in the barn.


Contesting Presentation at Local Club


I have been asked to make a presentation at the local club on May 10th about HF contesting. I have ideas and would appreciate some help in maybe preparing a PowerPoint show or some recordings as well.  After that presentation I will probably host a number of “Open Station” weekends as we did a few years ago.


CQWW WPX CW May 29-30


This is the next “BIG” contest and one which we have done well and should enjoy! After all the bitching during ARRL SSB everyone should be ready to give a good effort in this CW contest. Who wants to join the winning team?


New England QSO Party May 1-2


There has been allot of talk about a serious effort in the New England QSO Party from the barn this year. A Multi/Single effort and going for the win to unseat K1TTT who has been the perennial plaque winner in this category. Let’s go for it! Again who wants to help out?





There are plenty of new and unfinished projects on the board so let’s have a productive Summer and be ready to better last year’s scores.