“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

                                                            Volume 14 No.4. June 24, 2009

Two Outstanding Efforts….


Two recent contest efforts have been made and the results were very good considering broken antennas and in the case of CQWW WPX CW lack of operators.


First the CQWW WPX CW:


The Final score summary was –

       Band    QSOs    Pts     WPX

         3.5      199      746      41

           7       639    2767    239

          14    1797    4312    632

          21      434      741      81

          28      137      310      31

       Total    3206    8876 1024            Score : 9,089,024


Operators were W1UJ, KB1H, and KB1NRB


Wearing “Iron Pants” for this contest Jay spent many hours in the seat and made about 65% of the QSOs. Allan made almost 300 CW QSOs which is excellent considering he only learned the code in February. He improved his code speed about 300% in one weekend! With one or two more operators we would have turned in quite a score but what we did do was nothing to be ashamed of.  YES! We even had QSOs on 10 meters including some Europeans.


Next was the ARRL June VHF Sweepstakes:


The score summary for this was:

       Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Grd

          50    CW       4          4      0

          50    USB    511     511  122

         144   CW       6          6      0

         144   USB    195     195   29

         222   CW       4          8      2

         222   USB     41      82     19

         420   CW       7        14      3

         420   USB     49      98     13

       Total  Both   817     918  188            Score : 172,584


The list of operators for this contest was impressive:

Operator(s) : KB1DFB, KB1H, KB1NRB, NB1U, KE1LI, W1UJ


Finally Kim got operators. Unfortunately most of them were Saturday and Sunday there was only KB1DFB, KB1H, and KB1NRB. We were however able to keep someone in the seat on 6M just about the whole contest. We had equipment problems as well. No preamp on 2M. The DEM 432 transverter was bad so we were limited to a TS-2000 with a 100W brick. Also no 432 preamp.


What is up next?


The next contest effort is the IARU Radiosport July 11-12. We are trying to put together a Multi-op effort in the Multi-Single Mixed mode category. This is a 24 our contest starting 1200Z to 1200Z. Please let me know as soon as possible if you can help out.


Frequent changes in mode during this contest keeps the rate high so there will be plenty of operating time for your favorite mode. So far K1EBY and KB1NRB have committed to the effort.


With No Rest In Between…..


The following weekend, July 18-19 is the CQWW VHF Contest. This is 6M and 2M only. Kim is preparing for this. We will have a new preamp up on the tower (thanks KE1LI) and we will be running a KW on both bands. There will be a keg of beer, plenty of food, and plenty of operating time. We traditionally do well in this contest. We are looking for operators and party lovers. (Every VHF contest is a party!)



I have just sent out an e-mail regarding the work needed to be done on the 80M 4-Square. Because most of us have a long weekend I hope some of you can come July 3 or July 5 to help.  We have to get back on track regarding our projects for this summer.


Just off the VHF Reflector!!!


Hi Sean and Jan,

I'm presently in France... happened to check my email today and saw that
the Jan VHF SS results have been posted.

You have mistakenly placed the K1JT entry in the "Limited Multi"
category and given us 1st place in North America.  In fact, our Cabrillo

and your line-scores table correctly shows that we made QSOs on 7 bands:

K1JT (+K2TXB, ...) 102,582  563  123  L  ABCD9EF

Please correct the records and the QST writeup.  It seems that KB1DFB
should be the Limited Multi winner, and K1JT should place third among
the all-band Multi-Ops.

-- 73, Joe, K1JT


Kim wants to thank everyone who prepared for this contest and especially those who operated. JOB WELL DONE!!!



Everyone have a safe July 4th and rest up for the push to get the Superstation ready for Contest Wars 2009-2010!!


73 Dick