“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

                                                            Volume 14 No.2. January 24, 2009

I wasn’t bitching….


I have had a chance to talk to a few of you about my venting in the last “Storm Watch” and it may have come across as if I was bitching everyone out. I am sorry if it came across that way. It was meant to be a statement of the reality that we need to get to work.


I think Mark a few issues ago told me where I lacked was to motivate and get people moving. Jay echoed that this week.  I guess I had too many excuses and should have grabbed the bull by the horns.


At least we got a few things done this past year. The new windows sure are warmer. Frank’s redecorating the upstairs looks good and put on a nice atmosphere for the “Open Station” weekends we had. Unfortunately none of this produced RF. That will be the focus this year. Bigger and better!


I hope we all understand my frustration and share in the desire to put in the effort this year to complete our projects and put out a better signal. We have good operators and you all deserve the best station we can put together.



Countdown to Partytime!!!


Well, we are a week away and all imagine we are all looking forward to another great party. Bill, W1WBB is here this weekend running the CQWW 160 CW contest and experiencing some of the best conditions most of us have heard on the “Topband” in years! Europe after Europe answering our CQs and well after their sunrise. I hope the heat stays in the barn through the week. He has it “Frank Hot” up there now.


See you all in a week!!!  - 73 Dick