“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

                                                            Volume 13 No.4, September 30, 2008


“Open Station” Days


Though the comments were few on my idea of an “Open Station” those that came were very positive. The announcement will be in the next issue of the YCCC Scuttlebutt with the wording asking all to pass the word around to your local clubs. Mark, NB1U, has let the people at BVARC and the RI SM knows of our plans. The dates are October 25 (during the CQWW DX SSB Contest), November 8, 23, and 29. Please get the word out. My hope is we not only sign up new YCCC members but also maybe a few new faces for the Barnstormers to audition for our crew.


My surgery is still on for October 7 so needless to say I will need help getting ready and hosting these days.



Helping out and getting ready…


After my call for help and a gut check on if we are willing to push for a good 2008-2009 contest season people have been showing up and making progress. Kim has finished the window replacement. Frank came and helped with the cleaning and I mean cleaning! The old couch was cut up and tossed out. The dirty rugs pulled up and tossed.  Jay has continued to work on the computers, Mark was here Sunday and we tore down the SO2R equipment and started to set up Stations 2 & 3.  Dave installed the RigBlaster power strip and crimped on many connectors for the auxiliary equipment. There is still plenty to do and please keep coming. With me out of action for a few weeks it is even more important that you come and help.






Face Lift…..


With our Interior Designer K1EBY spearheading the effort we are planning on laying new rugs and also doing some painting.  I also hope to replace the light above the counter top and paint that section of the ceiling.  Any weekend in October will be good if you want to help however October 4 & 5, I will be away for a final trip to Canada before my surgery. I think I don’t need to be here for some of the stuff.




Frank asked for a razor knife. After cutting up the old couch like a DEA agent looking for drugs he found $1.36 for our fund!





Finally here was Kim and JP working on the new windows. They look great and are thermal pane so we won’t have the frost art on the inside of the window this winter!!




So, let’s plan on some painting as the windows are only primed and the new trim wood needs priming and painting.