“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

                                                            Volume 13 No.3, September 18,2008


Recruiting Effort Idea


As you all know we have been hoping to add some new operators and helpers to the Barnstormers. So far we have been fairly unsuccessful. I have an idea that may help and want to know if any of you would like to help or at least offer your opinion.


My plan would be to hold “Open Station” days on some Saturdays in October and November including the contest weekends. The proposed dates would be October 11 , 25 and November 8, 22, and 29.  The hours would be between 9AM and 2PM. Visitors can sit down and operate, watch us prepare for a contest, or watch operation during the heat of the contest. During the “Open Station” coffee and doughnuts would be available.


Obviously with my pending surgery I need help.  I would ask each of you to consider helping at sometime during these dates and also get the word out everywhere we can. I would expect we would invite local clubs such as BVARC and ECARA plus of course YCCC members or prospective members not affiliated with any club.


Please give me some feedback as soon as possible so we can make plans and get the word out!





I have been asking a few of you about a reaction to my last “Storm Watch”. My intent was not to express anger but to hopefully start everyone thinking about how we can get motivated and progressing on our projects. One comment was well taken and I believe I stated that the lack of progress is more my fault than any of you. I have not been the “leader” I need to be. I haven’t set goals or done enough pushing to get things moving. Well, I hope that stops now and I get us on the track to better scores and more fun.


As usual, the upstairs and operating stations are a mess. I have begun to clean and organize but things have been slow.  This will speed up. Upstairs we need to complete the moving and upgrading of the computers. Jay has started and now with the September VHF contest gone by this needs to be finished quickly. I suspect Jay will move on this and being upstairs everyone can help move equipment, ground new computers and just general setup. I will check with Jay and see when he would like help however some weeknights might be on the schedule.


Second Station 3 &4 still need the Rigblaster power strip we purchased last year installed. Removing the MFJ strips and rewiring the equipment with new cable. Again inside so weeknights and rainy weekends are a great time to work on this.


The two projects above need to be completed by October 11th.


Outside we need the brush cleared now!!! We would like to get the guy anchors in as soon as possible. Watch for an e-mail for the dates and time we need brush haulers.  The timetable for this was yesterday!


The new listening antenna needs installing. Anyone volunteer to tackle this job?


Finally, regarding the above work, if any of you want to offer to come anytime and not wait for me to sound the bugle please let me know. We all don’t have the same time available but we all must have some time available.



This is short but important “Storm Watch”.  Be prepared for more……


73 Dick