“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

          “The Barnstormer’s News”                                                                                                                                                                                                   Volume 12 No.1, January 5, 2007

11th Annual Barnstormer’s Christmas Party


Well, 2006 zoomed by and we start 2007 with our annual Christmas Party. As earlier messages have stated, January 13th is the date. As usual bring a dish and your drink. KE1LI is bringing a homebrew beer. Most times it is pretty good! Starting time is when you want to get here and plan on sleeping over if you want to drink and not drive. Best choice for you due to the police activity around town. After all, it was only 6 miles away someone got shot for their PS3 money!

I have to think about the K1GX award again. Who deserves this now coveted award?  I hope I see all of you here.



What’s been going on?


Yes, things have been pretty quiet around here. Though we finished the new beverage it didn’t work I hope I can get that fixed before ARRL DX CW. The new computers are working well. Jay is always tinkering with the software and usually it means an improvement.


The hole was dug for the 150’ new tower and Kim delivered the form for the base.


We have decided the NZ1U web site needs an update. Maybe we can discuss this during the Christmas Party next weekend.


Regarding operating Yuri has been the only one around. His last effort was in the ARRL 10 Meter contest. I think he did fairly well but placed lower that he had hoped. The New England propagation sure didn’t help him in this contest.




QSLs, QSLs, QSLs…….


Well I finished typing in the NZ1U QSLs. All 950+ of those!!! I need to print the labels and then we need to stick'em. Vic usually does this job and even provides the total per country! I am sure he will do this again.


I have not delivered the first batch of KB1H cards to the ARRL yet. That is a box full and about 1500 cards. I am trying to wait until I make contact with someone there otherwise it will cost almost $50 to send that many!


I have now another 1000+ KB1H cards to enter. It never ends!!!





Sometime back Chris, N1XS, did a quick check on the logs he had. He warned me that there were over 100,000 QSOs and close to 300 countries. Well, Tom, W1TJL, recently did the exercise again and has prepared the logs for uploading. I am waiting for my renewal card from the ARRL.


Here's where we stand according to an e-mail I got from Tom:

KB1H logs that I have received all have been imported.  The totals are:

139,034 QSOs total
292 Countries worked (Phone and CW)
273 Countries worked (Phone)
271 Countries worked (CW)


I think I have a few more logs around that I have to send him. This of course does not include any non-contest activity.


Speaking of Operating…..


If you did not see nor hear, Yuri placed #1 USA (North America I believe) in the Russian DX Contest. He also placed #2 in the WAE CW. Job well done Yuri and all our work seems to have paid off. Yuri still is asking that I provide SO2R for him and I hope to do that soon. Somehow!


ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes


In an earlier e-mail I mentioned that the crew at KW1AM have challenged us to competition in this contest. Seeing as we only operate 50-432 Mhz. it is these four bands where we will compete. I guess total QSOs and total grids will be the yard stick. The prize is a bottle of Crown Royal. Luckily I did not agree to the “BIG” one. We need operators. We will be CQing on 6M and 2M. We borrowed a 2M amp from K1GX so we can run both bands with power plus 220 and 432. We have preamps but have not got them on the tower yet. I should say Kim has been doing all this work and purchasing. KW1AM will have a full crew including Sheky, K1ZE, Paul, KE1LI, Larry, N1ROZ, and others. I know Kim and I would like to give them a run for their “bottle”. Can you help out? CW is allowed! The contest runs from 1400 local time Jan. 20 through 2300 local time Jan. 21. This should be fun so come help. Any amount of time would be appreciated.



See you all on the 13th!!!!   


73 – Dick