“Storm Watch”

Newsletter of NZ1U – The Barnstormers Contest Group

      “The BarnStormers News”                                                                                                                                     Volume 10 No.6, December 30 ,2005


10th Annual Barnstomer’s Christmas Party January 7, 2006


It’s hard to believe we have been carrying on this tradition for ten years already but another one has rolled around. I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas holidays and will equally enjoy the New Year. After you get rid of that hangover get ready for our party! Earlier this year than in years past, the event will start around 6:00PM and last until?? Please plan on sleeping over if you do more than some social drinking. As always, bring a dish or platter to share. If you drink beer KE1LI has already prepared our winter brew and there will be plenty of that. Please bring any other beverage you may want. The usual KB1H Buffalo wings and KB1DFB mystery meat chili will be served. Bring a surprise of your own.


As I mentioned last year the K1GX Award has morphed into an award of honor from its old award of infamous recognition. Who will get the award this year? You will have to wait and see.


January VHF Sweepstakes January 21-23


OK, we will try again this year to put in a good effort in this contest. If you remember last year, the contest started with a blizzard and our efforts fell short due to lack of operators and also snowplowing duties.  As always Kim is spearheading this operation. Two new Downeast transverters should mean more power on 2M and 432. I am sure this contest and who can help out will be some of the conversation during the Christmas party on the 7th.


Amplifier Status…..


Things are getting back to normal with all our problems. The TL-922 was repaired at Beltronics ($285.00) and the Command Technologies HF-2500 is just about done. Kim and I took apart the Commander and found the failed part. Kim then went to K1JCL to have the circuit board repaired and as usual the repair is better than the original design. We are waiting for some pilot lamps to finish the assembly but the unit was tested and we got more than legal limit out on 160M where the amp failed last time. Thanks to Kim for all the running around including picking up the TL-922 from Beltronics.  I have to give Beltronics a big endorsement as not only was the repair well done, fast, and reasonably priced, the tech there made some improvements in the filament circuit.


Speaking of amps…


Though we never seem to see him around anymore, I have to send a big thanks to Bob, N1BU, for the continued loan of his Ten Tec Titan amp. This amp has been the work horse on Station #2 and I am afraid to total the years Bob has let us use his equipment. I hope you get some time to join us during 2006 Bob!



QSLs, QSLs and more QSLs…


Just when I think I am caught up, in come another pile. Yes, I have a 10” pile of QSLs to type in and then print labels. At least about 5” is NZ1U this time and not all KB1H!



Well, I really wanted to get this Storm Watch out before New Year’s and also as a reminder of the Christmas party so I guess this will be a short issue. Hope to see ALL of you on January 7th and….


Happy New Year!!!!