On Dec.28,1999 WL7WO trustee sent the license for KB1CDP into the FCC for surrender. He was not prompted to but considering the promotion that legit clubs must meet ARRL guidelines...What choice? WL7WO as of 2000 has not the time to do club bookkeeping 365 days a year nor keep up to all the desired paperwork as to a 'club'. Personal audits and ss#'s of all members? Memo's of all meetings? (meetings?) All in all the required paperwork for Amateur Radio has decreased to about zilch but club licenses? It seemed to start with some seeking possession of 20-30 club calls. The problem seemed it took FCC time/paperwork to manually process club licenses. The other problem was suppossedly the hoarding of calls that might be desired by some select extra class licensees. Change the rules? Those that collected excessive number of clubs starting getting FCC inquiries. Then it went to 5 clubs. 4 clubs. 2 clubs,etc. A club had to prove it met ARRL desired guidelines. Yes..agreed...abuse of the system but until theres some more actual rules and regulations involving clubs vs. desired personal opinions of what a legit club should be??? The general conclusion by inputs via months to newsgroups and elsewhere has been a LEGIT club must meet ARRL guidelines. Who wants to be a club trustee? Is it not enough to be responsible for operation of the station license? I feel it should be no secret what the actual rules are. If one club per trustee..well make the rule !!!! As to book-keeping and paperwork what are the regs? This situation is not the FCC but amateurs screaming to the FCC over the abuse of clubs. They want W1AA call but a club took it? Is this club a mom and pop club with 47 different club calls? Hey..Change the rules so its much clearer what a 'legit' club is? The trustee here IS a little frustrated. You get club licenses. You spend $$$$. KB1CDP 'ran' in most all contests.(prior kb1bqp) QSL COLLECTION? Book-Keeping..paperwork? Its not worth it !!!!!! If you want to run a club get ARRL club affiliation and rules and regs and guidelines are clear. --- and pay your dues....

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