Shown here is an Ansonia Kitchen Clock dated 1889. I have to give credit to my brother-in-law for getting me interested in clocks. This clock was the first in my collection. This clock chimes on the hour and the half-hour. Its beautiful ornate case really adds a nice touch to the dining room.

Here is another clock in my collection of time. This mantel is a Gilbert. I am not sure on the date of this one but it has to be the early 1900's. The chimes on this clock are the popular "bim-bam". It chimes on the hour, and chimes on the half-hour with a single stroke.

This clock is an Alaron brand wall clock. It is a 31 day clock vintage 1981. I received this clock from my grandmother because it did not work. The stop gear on the chime was broken off due to fatigue. This clock no longer chimes, but it keeps excellent time, and it looks great in the livingroom.

An 86 year old friend of mine from the other side of town also collects clocks. Most of all, he enjoys building clock kits. While I was visiting him one day, he handed me a copy of his favorite catalog, KLOCKIT. This catalog is full of interesting clock kits and projects. I can't wait to order mine.