KB0P's Map of U.P. 440 MHz Repeaters

Since it has been difficult to find an accurate map of the repeaters located in the U.P., especially since even the entries in the ARRL Repeater Directory have been inaccurate, I am publishing this map, which is the most accurate map available on the Internet at this time (October 2011). Since I travel quite a bit, I am aware of some repeaters in the U.P. that are not published, and I even made telephone calls to friends from either end of the U.P. in an attempt to confirm frequencies and to present the most accurate information that I can to my fellow "Yooper" hams. I will update this map as I come across more information.

2 meter map

440 MHz Repeaters

LetterNearest CityFrequency Call LettersNotes
BHoughton444.500(+)W8YYMTU ARC, student repeater
DCopper Harbor444.150(+)(107.2)K9SJopen, Brockway Mountain
EIron Mountain444.850(+)(100.0)WA8FXQopen
FIshpeming443.500(+)(100.0)KB0PIRLP# 8993, Echolink# 2052, linked system
GNegaunee443.450(+)(100.0)K8LODprivate, linked system
GNegaunee442.200(+)(None)KB0P/RYaesu FUSION and ANALOG
HMarquette444.800(+)KE8ILEcholink node# 394682
KNewberry444.900(+)(131.8)W8ARSoff air due to antenna damage
LSault Ste. Marie442.850(+)KB8SKCopen
MSt. Ignace444.100(+)K8HEWopen


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