KB0P's Map of U.P. 2-Meter Repeaters

Since it has been difficult to find an accurate map of the repeaters located in the U.P., especially since even the entries in the ARRL Repeater Directory have been inaccurate, I am publishing this map. There are other maps out there, too. Since I travel quite a bit, I am aware of some repeaters in the U.P. that are not published, and I even made telephone calls to friends from either end of the U.P. in an attempt to confirm frequencies and to present the most accurate information that I can to my fellow "Yooper" hams. I will update this map as I come across more information.

Please contact me and let me know of any mistakes or any new repeaters that are not coordinated, so that I can add them to the map.

2 meter map

Western Upper Peninsula

LetterNearest CityFrequency Call LettersNotes
W1Ironwood147.165(+)(110.9)KC0IPALSAC linked system
W2Ironwood146.805(-)(110.9)K9MLDoff air, for sale
W3Bessemer146.760(-)K8ATXEcholink node# 573763 (not muted)
W4White Pine147.300(+)N8JUPopen
W5Watersmeet147.240(+)(103.5)KC8DFFlow power (not confirmed)
W7Gaastra145.290(-)N8IEQopen (not confirmed)
W8Houghton147.390(+)(100.0)N8WAVclosed, private repeater
W9Hancock146.880(-)(100.0)W8CDZEcholink node# 628115 (not muted)
W10Calumet147.315(+)(100.0)K8MDHEcholink node# 405654 (not muted)
W11Chassel146.670(-)(100.0)W8CDZlimited coverage
W12Iron River145.170(-)(107.2)N8LVQopen (can bring up without PL tone)

Central Upper Peninsula

LetterNearest CityFrequency Call LettersNotes
C1Republic146.820(-)KB0PIRLP# 8461, Echolink# 420942, linked system
C2Republic147.090(+)KG8ZLSolar Powered, off air
C3Iron Mountain146.850(-)(100.0)WA8FXQopen
C5Green Creek146.550(s)(100.0)KB0PIRLP# 8993, Echolink# 2052, linked system
C6Negaunee147.270(+)(100.0)KG8YTlinked system
C8Gwinn146.640(-)(100.0)N8RRZlinked system
C10Gladstone147.240(+)(107.2)N8DPoff air, future linked system
C11Escanaba145.130(-)KB8BQXopen (not confirmed if active)
C12Gladstone147.550(s)(100.0)N8DPIRLP node# 4013
C13Trenary147.030(+)(100.0)W8FYZlimited coverage
C14Rapid River147.150(+)(100.0)W8JRTopen
C15Wetmore145.410(-)(100.0)KC8BANlinked system
C16Wetmore146.790(-)W8NIopen, moving to Manistique in 2011
C17Cooks146.700(-)(110.9)WA8WGwide coverage

Eastern Upper Peninsula

LetterNearest CityFrequency Call LettersNotes
E1Grand Marais147.195(+)KC8BANlinked system
E2Rainbow Lodge147.090(+)(114.8)KL8DWopen
E3Newberry146.610(-)KC8GKKEcholink node# 240336
E5Moran146.985(-)W8EUPopen (not confirmed if active)
E6Sault Ste. Marie147.105(+)KB8SKCopen (not confirmed if active)
E7Sault Ste, Marie147.210(+)(107.2)W8EUPopen (not confirmed if active)
E7aSault Ste. Marie, Ont.146.940(-)VE3...open
E7bSault Ste, Marie, Ont.147.060(-)VE3...open (notice "-" split)


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