Here is my main rig. A Yaesu FT-1000D that I bought new at the Dayton Ham fest in 1992.

FT-1000DI had been using my trusty Ol Drake C-Line for the 15 years prior to that. I had heavily modified the R-4C and didn't see any "modern" receivers that offered better performance until the FT-1000D came along with it's DDS frequency control.

The FT-1000D has all the optional CW filters (250 Hz 2nd & 3rd IF - and  600 HZ in sub RX). I recently had to do some repairs to it. The power supply regulator for the HV conked out and the cooling fan control circuit also quit (see What's on the work bench now?).

I will be making some modifications to the rig soon. They are listed here:

1. Full TX enable 1.5 - 30 MHz (cut a trace on the CPU board - Big Deal).

2. Tuning Upgrade - circuit board kit from International Radio Service Division that  adds automatic fine tuning rates (2.5, 10 and 25 KHz per revolution) to the main frequency tuning knob.

3. RX antenna input modification (my own design) that brings the "switched" main antenna out the back of the rig and uses the external receive antenna input full time. This allows the rig to use many combinations of receive antennas including a single multi band beam while monitoring one band with the main receiver and a second band on the sub receiver.

4. W8JI Noise blanker modification that improves receiver IM performance when the noise blanker is turned off.

5. Roofing filter (
4 KHz )for the 70 MHz 1st IF - kit from International Radio.

W8JI key click modification (maybe).

7. SoftRock IF band scope (very maybe).

I'l add more details as I get around to making the modifications.

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