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                I have a few Johnson transmitters.

                My Johnson Valiant that I got on a impulse at a hamfest this year.


                My Johnson Viking II that I got a long time ago.



                The Viking II was a "parts" rig and is missing the AM components, so it's just a CW rig now.

                 also have the VFO-122 that goes with it.


                My Johnson Challenger that I got for free way back in the 1980s. I was walking around a hamfest                     near the end of the day and this guy has this Challenger on the ground underneath his table. He                     was using it for a foot rest and there was no price on it. I asked him " what do you wanted for it?" ,                     he replied "what's it worth to you?",  and I said "nothing" and he said "Sold!". Being a cheap skate                 pays off sometimes.


                I will be adding better individual pictures and better "shack" pictures when I get around to                                 straightening up around here.

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