The photos and pictures on this page were sent and received using a computer running the MMSSTV software and a Realistic HTX-202 2-Meter FM HT, a quarter wave whip antenna and running about 1-watt.

I simply connected the HT to the computer using two, six foot shielded mono audio cables with 3.5mm jacks on the ends.  One cable ran from the earphone jack on the HT to the Mic jack on the computer.  The other ran from the headphone jack of the computer to the mic jack of the HT.  I used a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter to plug the cable into the mic jack of the HT.  The HT was keyed by hand.

For sending SSTV pictures I experimented with the amount of audio to the transmitter by listening to the output on another HT and adjusting it so I did not overdrive or overdeviate the signal when sending an SSTV picture.  For receiving SSTV picture, the MMSSTV software will indicate if you're overdriving the soundcard with the received signal.  I put the volume control on the HT at about one-third full and adjusted the microphone recording control of the soundcard until the level as indicated in MMSSTV was about half way.

Below are some of the results of our experiments on 146.535 FM simplex.

A test pattern sent by AB8IG.   Another picture sent by AB8IG.
A QRP SSTV picture received from N8VUL.   No doubt who sent this one!
Notice the black line where I accidentally muted the microphone recording control !   A SSTV QSL Card as sent by the author.
Another SSTV QSL Card as sent by the author.   SSTV picture with a "replay" window sent from KA8VIT to N8VUL.


Pictures from the 1st net

Pictures from the 2nd net


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