The LEARA 2-Meter FM SSTV Net meets Saturday nights at 10pm local time on the 146.88/28 repeater in the Cleveland, Ohio, Cuyahoga County area.  This net is sponsored and supported by The Lake Erie Amateur Radio Association (LEARA).

The LEARA 2-Meter SSTV Net home Page has been moved to Yahoo! Groups.  This has given us alot more flexibility. There is a message area with an email reflector so messages can be fowarded to an email account of your choice, a photos area for putting up the pictures from the net, a files area for files and much, much more.

This group has been set up to promote and facilitate the operation of the LEARA 2-Meter FM SSTV Net.

We encourage you join the group to keep abreast of the latest information regarding the net, viewing the pictures from the net and having your any of your questions answered.

Thanks and hope to "see" you on Saturday night!


Bill  KA8VIT

Click to see or join the LEARA 2-Meter FM SSTV Net Group

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