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LogConv is a log conversion program that supports a wide variety of file formats. The release package includes a DOS, Windows and a Windows command line program. LogConv can create dBase files which allows for unlimited data analysis.

Note: LogConv will soon be released under the GNU General Public License. This means the source code will be available for others to view and improve upon. Hopefully this will result in even more functionality in LogConv! I'm also working on getting the code to compile and run under Linux. Keep looking at this page for information on when this will be available and let me know if you are willing to help.

LogConv can read the following files formats:

LogConv can create log files in the following format: The readme and matrix files show all of the currently supported file types and contests. If you have any suggestions for new features please let me know.

The current LogConv release is v1.43 (February 16, 1998). The features and fixes added in recent releases are:

Version 1.43: 2/16/98
- Fixed band designation on CT ARRL 10M contest files.
- Changed time stamp method for CT 9.34 files and later.
- Added FM mode to TR and ARRL log formats.
- Fixed up ARRL .log file output.

Version 1.42: 12/27/97
- ADIF file state field filled in automatically when possible.
Download LogConv (v1.43).


LogComp allows for two log files from the same contest to be compared side by side on a number of factors including score, rate, mutlipliers and others.

The logcomp readme file lists all of the currently support log types and report options. Here is a sample report file

Download LogComp (v1.0).

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