Hello, my name is Ralph and I live in Norman, Oklahoma. Welcome to my web page.
I received my Amateur Radio License in 1985. I am a member of SCARS, the local club
and active on 2M FM via our repeater and on 2M Simplex.
I also enjoy HF and check Into the OMISS nets when I can.
Here is a picture of me in my shack

Sometimes a new ham coming by for a visit is at a loss for words.

I really enjoy building things. After I was introduced to the EH or Crossed Field Antenna,
I built one but was not too pleased with it. So I made some changes and came up with the RUZ Antenna.

Here are basic plans to build the RUZ

If you would like to know more about this antenna email me

(assisted by KD5RAK...my version of the RUZ works like a champ!)
This page will be a work in progress, so come back and
see what else I come up with

73 de KA5RUZ