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Arachne The Best

Nettamer Great Email,Usenets,And fair on Web The place to go for all your linux needs. 

Angle Fire& Dr Web Spyder Caldera Get the latest Linux kernel! 
                  Documentation Project
Linux Documentation Project The place for Linux documentation. Get books online! 
Slashdot Where to get the latest Linux news! 
User Friendly
User Friendly Where to get the latest Linux humor! 
Apache Web Server
Apache The most popular webserver on the internet. 
The Gimp A most excellent Graphics manipulation program. 
Star Office Affraid you won't have applications? Get an Office Suite that is M$ Office compatable, and actually runs without crashing! 
RPM Find
RPM Find Looking for a RPM (software package for Linux). You can find it here! 
Where to find software for linux. 
                  Applications on Linux
Scientific Applications on Linux A collection of quality software for Linux. VA Research, a major linux company. 
RedHat The leading distribution of Linux, and the first Linux company to IPO. 
Another major Linux distribution 
Another major Linux distribution 
Another major Linux distribution 
Another major Linux distribution 

Website Updated 02/21/2002 Webmsater John D Lyons Jr It Only Gets Better Guys

Dos Programs

WinTix v3.09 Opensource desktop GUI for DOS. Supports transparent popups, several applets included.

LXPIC v7.0 Small (size of exe :19K!) yet powerful viewer of JPG, GIF, PCX, CAM and others
Euphoria Programming Language v2.3 Interpreter/compiler for 32 bit DOS, Win9x and Linux.
PPWIZARD 02.038 Free, multi-platform HTML Preprocessor. Requires free Regina REXX interpreter.
MPXPLAY v1.46 final beta MP3,OGG,WAV,MPC,AC3 player with integrated file browser, spectrum analyser and other features
NSSI 0.51.4 freeware system information tool
HWiNFO v4.83 system information utility designed for detection of hardware.

updated January 25th, 2002

DAMP v0.97 WIP 8 Free MP3 Player. Displays synchronised graphics when playing MP3 files. Source code available
XXCOPY v2.80.3 powerful replacement XCOPY with many features. Free for personal use
PEPA v1.9 Packet Driver for PPP access over ADSL.
CD Recording Utilities v3.8g These programs are a set of CD-R/CD-RW applications for DOS.
Allegro 4.0 multi-platform game programming library for DJGPP in a mixture of C and assembly.
LFN Tools v1.71 DOS commands that can handle long filenames in plain DOS. Supports FAT32
F-PROT v3.11b Free (for private use) antivirus software for DOS

Sound Programs (includes audio CD Players)

MPXPLAY v1.46 final beta MP3,OGG,WAV,MPC,AC3 player with integrated file browser, spectrum analyser and other features
DAMP v0.97 WIP 8 Free MP3 Player. Displays synchronised graphics when playing MP3 files. Source code available
FreeCDP v2.1 Plays MIDI,WAV,MOD,XM,S3M,JGM,UMX,MP2,AUD, MP3 and audio CDs.
XTCPlay v0.95c Graphical audio player of MP3, WAV, S3M, MOD and more from the demo group Sanction.
DOSAMP v0.8 DOSAMP is a freeware command-line MP3 player.

MSP v0.51 command line program plays MP3,WAV,MIDI,MOD,GYM,CYM,NSF and Audio CDs.
JukeMp3 beta Mp3/Mp2/Xm/Mod/S3m/CD-DA DOS player that tries to emulate a turntable.
DSS v3.-1 MP3/WAV player/recorder with several display modes during playback. Also supports PC speaker!
RealAudio Player for DOS Source code and now several executables are now available
WAVPLAY DOS command line WAV file player for Sound Blaster 16 compatible soundcards.
WAVREC DOS command line WAV file recorder for SB16 compatible soundcards.

BladeEnc v0.941 DOS port of BladeEnc command line MP3 encoder; create MP3 files from WAV files.
LAME v3.87 alpha DOS port of LAME , a GPL'd WAV to MP3 encoder. Encodes faster than real time on a PII 266.
CD2WAV v1.0i Read audio CD tracks directly to WAV files
setID3 v1.12 Command line tool that Writes/modifies ID Tags (Title, Artist, Year, etc) of a MP3 file.
ID3TOOLS edit ID Tags of MP3s and list files with ID Tag info. Source code available.

Megamid v1.66 Graphical MIDI Player for DOS. Also supports playing of Karaoke MIDI files
GSPLAY v1.1 A freeware MIDI player. Can also play Karaoke MIDI files.
Midget v2.03 DOS-based MIDI composer ; works with wavetable sound cards or internal speaker

CDPlayer v2.25e Audio CD player which looks like the Win95 CD Player. Source code included.
SJGPlay v1.29 Easy to use freeware Audio CD Player with Lyrics and playlist for each CD.
CDPTSR v0.12 CDPTSR is a memory resident CD Player; uses only 3.5K resident

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Graphics Programs/Screensavers

PictureViewer 1.94 PictureViewer can view and convert many graphic formats. Freeware
SEA v1.3 This shareware viewer/converter/image manipulator has an easy to use GUI
LXPIC v7.0 Small (size of exe :19K!) yet powerful viewer of JPG, GIF, PCX, CAM and others
QuickView v2.46 Plays DivX ;-), AVI, MOV (Quicktime), MP3, WAV and view other graphic formats.
MPEGone v1.10 DOS MPEG and VideoCD player
Movie v1.0 beta Shareware MPEG-video, VideoCD and CD-i player.
Display v1.90 beta5 Views/converts many graphic formats (incl thumbnails). Plays AVI and MOV files

Pixel32 v0.99.6 demo Impressive shareware Photoshop-style graphics editor (supports layers, channels, Truetype fonts, etc).
Neopaint v3.2d a shareware image editing and painting program.
GrafX 2.00 beta Multi-resolution bitmap paint program for DOS. Source code released

Megamorf Displays rotating 3D objects composed from dots, morphing from one to another.
Acidwarp Fractal generator which can be used as a screensaver.
Sanction 4K demos Several impressive 4K demos (one is a Descent type engine) by the demo group Sanction
Christmas Card 1998 Very good multimedia xmas card. Add your text and send it to friends.

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Cute Mouse Driver v1.9 alpha2 Mouse driver for both AT and PS/2 mice; uses only 3K (!) of memory
Acer's CDROM driver v2.14 Uses only 5K and works with many CDROM drives
SHSUCDX v1.4b MSCDEX replacement ; uses only 11K resident ; can be unloaded.
UMBPCI v3.37 Free hardware UMB driver (only 240 bytes) for DOS/Win9x - replaces EMM386.EXE
XMSDSK.EXE v1.9i Freeware resizable ramdisk;can be installed/uninstalled from the command line.
Tripple DOS v0.5 beta preemptive multitasker for DOS apps

Partition Resizer v1.34 Resize your FAT16/FAT32 partitions safely. Freeware
Free FDISK v1.0 GNU hard disk partitioning utility. Supports FAT16/FAT32 and non DOS partitions
XOSL 1.1.5 Free graphical boot manager to select what OS to run on startup
SPACE v2.0 Shows available space in Kbytes with bar graph indicator of space used.

Palmsys v1.21 3K Driver for parallel port Iomega ZIP drive; works on XTs and on 286 CPUs as well
SDWRGMPD v1.1 DOS driver for MS "Win9x only" SideWinder digital GamePad
AZRadio v1.0 DOS program to control the AZTECH radio card
USB4DOS provides USB driver support under DOS. (marketed for embedded apps)

BLACKOUT Gives DOS a graphic startup screen like Win9x. Can use your own GIF file
Real DOS mode patch for Win Me v1.3 A patch to enable WinMe users to boot to plain DOS
Win95Boot V1.21 Changes the boot code in Win95 OSR2 so you can boot to DOS
98lite 4.5 Removes Internet Explorer from Win9x/Me ;  can install the faster Win95 GUI in Win98/Me
Bootdisk v1.0a my batch file to create a better Win95/98 boot disk using third-party utilities. Check the README.HTM

LFN Tools v1.71 DOS commands that can handle long filenames in plain DOS. Supports FAT32
LFNDOS v1.06 Provides the Win95 Long Filename API to DOS programs in DOS. Supports FAT32
DOSLFN v0.32c TSR to provide long filename API in plain DOS. Only 12K resident
LFNDIR v1.0 PC Magazine utility allows you to view Win95 long filenames in plain DOS.
LTOOLS v5.3 set of DOS command line tools to read and write to Linux ext2 filesystems (the DOS opposite of Linux MTOOLS)

VBEHz v2.22 Sets user-defined refresh rates on video cards with VBE 3.0+ for DOS progs using VESA video modes
UniRefresh v1.42 universal dos refresh rate utility for VESA 3.0+ video cards
FastVid v1.10 Improves video performance on Pentium Pro and Pentium II PCI/AGP systems.
LoadFont 1.02 loads a font into VGA memory for use in text modes. Several font formats supported

CD Recording Utilities v3.8g These programs are a set of CD-R/CD-RW applications for DOS.
Inkutils 1.53 Freeware suite of eleven DOS, 4DOS and Windows 95/98 DOS utilities.
PC-CONFIG 9.33 Detailed system information/benchmark tool. Shareware
NSSI 0.51.4 freeware system information tool
HWiNFO v4.83 system information utility designed for detection of hardware.
F-PROT v3.11b Free (for private use) antivirus software for DOS

ATXOff v1.3 Turn off your ATX computer system (similar to Win9x shutdown).
Power v1.0 Powers downs your ATX computer system or laptop. Source code included.
Shutdown v1.2 small utility to either reboot your computer, or turn off the power (ATX systems only)

DOSED v5.2 Freeware DOSKEY-like program but with filename completion like Linux's Bash shell
FileC v2.0 Autocompletes filenames at command prompt ; support Win9x LFN in DOS box
ACD v3.05 Change to another directory on any drive quickly. Has Win9x LFN support
NewDOS v1.02 DOS emulator. Features include scrollable screens, mouse support

TDel v2.68 Powerful freeware replacement for the DEL (delete) command
XXCOPY v2.80.3 powerful replacement XCOPY with many features. Free for personal use
Ldzip 2.21 Creates a zip file with long filenames in plain DOS, Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP. Supports FAT16,FAT32, NTFS drives
NetCopy v0.2 Beta allows you to copy files between two computers over an IPX network or serial cable.
Powercopy v1.2 Shareware parallel-port transfer program between two PCs with either DOS,Win3.x,Win9x or WinNT/2000 installed

TextTools R6 Freeware programs for processing text tables and general text filtering
TSFLTC R2.2 A set of additional text file filters from Prof. Timo Salmi.

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Corel WordPerfect Suite for DOS Excellent website about WPDOS including printing to USB printers, Euro Support and MUCH more
New Deal Office Complete office Suite (word processor, browser, spreadsheet, etc) based on Geoworks OS.
Account Pro accounting software for DOS Manage your accounts. freeware

PEDIT v4.0 Excellent freeware text editor.Includes spell-checker,thesaurus,word wrap and MUCH more.
EDITV 4.1 Freeware DOS text editor with the look and feel of Borland's IDE editor
SET's editor v0.4.52 Familiar Borland interface with syntax highlighting and background playing of MP3 files!

DOSStart v1.9 GUI for launching programs (uses Win9x "Start" button approach) and managing files.
WinDos 220 a GUI DOS file manager / shell. Source code available
Access v4.54 Freeware graphical DOS menu program. Supports SVGA, built-in CD player; can use Windows icons
AUMenu for DOS and Unix multi-platform menu shell for DOS and Linux. DOS version is free
Directory Freedom v4.61B Small (single 39K exe), fast freeware file/directory manager. Source code available
File Maven v3.5a Freeware file manager with Laplink-style file transfers via serial or parallel cable

Infopal v6.1 Program where you can design and browse databases and generate reports
Dirtel v3.28 Address book manager; contents can be exported to HTML,RTF and ASCII delimited text.

InfoZIP Create ZIP files, extract files from ZIP files created with PKWARE's Pkzip/Pkunzip v2.04g.
Pkzip/Pkunzip v2.50 An update to the "classic" Pkzip/Pkunzip v2.04g. Supports LFN under LFNDOS or Win9x
UPX v1.20 powerful GPL'ed executable packer (meaning the compressed executable files can still be run directly)

VIEW v17.1 Allows you to view WordPerfect, Word 97 docs and other word processor formats
xlHtml v0.3.0 commandline converter of MS Excel XLS files to HTML
AntiWord 0.32 converts MS Word DOC files to plain text or PostScript
Catdoc v0.90.3 convert MS Word DOC files to plain text
Wp2Html v3.3d Convert WordPerfect (up to WP8.x) and Word (incl Word 97 and 2000) files into HTML.
Xpdf v0.92 Extract text and images from Adobe's Acrobat's PDF files

CAMWORK DOS program that downloads images from Agfa, Olympus and Epson digital cameras.
QVPLAY v0.10 Download pictures from the Casio QV series of digital cameras
PhotoPC software Software for DOS and other OSes to control Epson, Agfa, Nikon digital cameras
Rio v1.07 Upload/download files to/from your Diamond Rio portable MP3 music player.
Daqarta v2.1 Does Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis using popular sound cards ; Has many other features

DESI-III v5.64 Free, yet professional 2D CAD program.
FigDOS-GUI v1.11 GUI for DOS FIGlet (the latter creates large ASCII characters from ordinary ASCII characters)
Screen Thief for DOS v2.01 Capture DOS text and graphic screens to a graphic file
BanannaCom v4.0 Freeware terminal program. Autodetects your modem for easy setup.
DATES v2001.03 Non-TSR program to keep track (and remind you in advance) of important dates

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Internet Programs

Arachne v1.70 Release 3 Best graphical DOS Internet suite (web browser, FTP, Email) out there. Now has preliminary CSS support.
Net-tamer v1.12 text based internet suite (browser,email,FTP,Usenet). Speech friendly for talking programs
Lynx 2.8.4 dev14 DOS port of the text based Linux browser. Can now access secure (https) websites
ViewHTML v2.5 Freeware text based offline HTML viewer/browser.

LSppp V0.75 Excellent small PPP packet driver (28K resident!) for DOS. Has built-in dialer
PEPA v1.9 Packet Driver for PPP access over ADSL.
Comring v1.20 Packet driver for serial ports; can be used to connect multiple computers via serial cable

NOS BOX v2.05 DOS Intranet server ; provides SMTP, POP3, NNTP, HTTP and FTP services.
Jaffa WWW server for DOS Tested on a 80286, supports CGI-BIN utilities external to the server
PPPBBS v3.01 Run a internet server (web,ftp,email) and provide dialin PPP access to it
Internet Extender v1.0b Freeware DOS Gateway router which allows networked computers to access the Internet (via a modem or network card)

LSicq 1.85 DOS ICQ Clone ; send/receive messages/files instantly with other ICQ users
jpIRC v0.98.75 DOS Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Client written in Turbo Pascal. Source code also available
Toffee IRC client v1.0 DOS IRC client ; works with any packet driver
GETNEWS and POSTNEWS Get and post messages to/from newsgroups.

Wget 1.6 Download files and entire sites for offline browsing using HTTP or FTP; can RESUME ABORTED downloads!
SSHDOS v0.8 opensource SSH (Secure Shell) DOS client for secure telnet connections.

GPAGE v1.9 Uses a text file to generate a local page of links (like this page!)
Tidy386 HTML validator and can also clean up your HTML
Orb v2.0 HTML preprocessor designed to simplify creation and maintenance of web pages
PPWIZARD 02.038 Free, multi-platform HTML Preprocessor. Requires free Regina REXX interpreter.

UUDeview v0.5d Encoder and decoder for uuencoded, xxencoded, Base64 and BinHex data
HTMSTRIP v2001.03 From Bruce Guthrie, converts HTM to text. Many other utilites there as well.
EUMAIL v2001.03 Extract Eudora's mailboxes and nickname files into text files
Cform v2.1 DOS command line utility to convert URL encoded files (from web forms sent via email)
HTMCAL v2.0 Generate HTML calendars showing upcoming events or meetings. Shareware
CAL v2.3 Utility to generate an plain HTML calendar.

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Programming Languages/Utilities

Free Pascal v1.04 32 bit compiler for DOS, Linux and other platforms. Semantically equivalent to TP 7.0
P32 Pascal compiler v0.5b2 32 bit Pascal compiler for DOS and Win9x. Includes IDE
DJGPP C++ Complete 32-bit C/C++ development system for 386 (and higher) PCs running DOS.
Pacific C Compiler Pacific C is a C compiler for DOS. Includes IDE and is free for any use
Introduction to C programming a free study guide on writing programs in the C language
Euphoria Programming Language v2.3 Interpreter/compiler for 32 bit DOS, Win9x and Linux.

MoonRock v0.50 BASIC-like language with several extensions. Produces code for 8086+
MicroBASIC Compiler v3.20 Freeware Basic compiler to create small, standalone COM or EXE files. Can use assembly language
Borland Community Museum Download Turbo C v2.01, Turbo Pascal v5.5, Turbo C++ v1.01 for free (requires login)
Regina v2.2 a REXX interpreter that has been ported to DOS and other OSes
Perl v5 Interpreted language for scanning and extracting info from text files.

HORST v3.1 Powerful batch utilities from the author of GPAGE and WBAT, Horst Schaeffer.
WBAT v2.33 Use dialog boxes (with menus, buttons, input fields, checkboxes) in your batch files.
Clay's Utilities for DOS v1.3 Set of small utilities for batch files.
Batfiles Good website on DOS batch file programming.
Batch Programming Stuff Various batch techniques, programs and links to other batch files
TSBAT70.ZIP A collection of useful batch files and tricks from Prof. Timo Salmi.

Assembly Language FAQ Available in HTML and text format.
Assembly Language Journal online ezine covering assembly language programming techniques.
Mystic v1.0a Enables you to create DOS screen savers with knowledge of assembly language

Allegro 4.0 multi-platform game programming library for DJGPP in a mixture of C and assembly.
Qube2p GUI Cool-looking multiplatform Desktop Environment ; supports network protocols (TCP/IP, PPP, etc).
Seal v2.0 "Lambda" Free graphical desktop environment for DOS and for DJGPP programs.
WinTix v3.09 Opensource desktop GUI for DOS. Supports transparent popups, several applets included.

OpenGUI v3.1.99 multi-platform 32-bit graphics library/GUI for DOS (DJGPP), QNX and LINUX
DEPUI v2.0 small, very portable graphic user interface library written in C language. Opensource
Crystal Space v0.17 Free (LGPL) and portable 3D engine written in C++.

Watt-32 Homepage library for making networked TCP/IP C/C++ 16 and 32 bit programs.
ISRemote for DOS v2.53 remotely control DOS apps with a IR remote and a DIY circuit
Full Moon Software Many QuickBasic/PDS routines ; also has the text to PC Mag's 'BASIC Techniques and Utilities'
NeoBasic provides GUI components to extend the DOS authoring NeoBook software
Guenther Klaming's Homepage Low-level hardware programming in Watcom C/C++, Pascal and Assembly.

Secrets about DOS programming Many source code programming in QuickBasic, Pascal and Assembly.
DOS Help Magazine EXCELLENT HTML ezine on DOS and DOS programming.
Runtime Error 200 Page Explains the Runtime Error 200 Startup bug for Borland Pascal EXEs on fast CPUs

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Alternative DOSes (all MSDOS compatible OSes other than MSDOS itself)

FreeDOS beta 7 A GNU GPLed version of DOS
IBM PC DOS 2000 Latest version of PC DOS offers Y2K compliance and support for Euro symbol
Lineo DR-DOS 7.03b This OS includes Personal Netware and has many other unique features

Datalight ROM-DOS v7.01 geared for embedded and mobile systems; supports FAT32, LFN and has integrated web, ftp, email servers
PTS-DOS 2000 has many features including a OS boot manager, networking support and data compression
PTS DOS 2000 Pro Supports FAT32, internal UMB and CDROM support (no EMM386 or MSCDEX needed), networking support

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DOS related websites

Free Software for DOS A MUST visit site for any DOS user. Wide variety of software.
FAQ on DOS Applications for Internet Use Various DOS Internet programs and where to get them.
Simtel LARGE well known collection of DOS freeware, public domain and shareware programs
Garbo PC collection Various DOS programs
Hitsquad Various music software for DOS (MIDI, MOD, translators, etc)

DOS Games Listing of many FREE Games (with descriptions) for DOS!
DOS Games Archive A archive of (what else?) DOS games
Harmony Central Various MIDI software for DOS
CD-ROM Drivers Collection of URL Links to DOS drivers for various CD-ROM drives
A Dinosour's Garden Great site with lots of DOS information and links.

NOTES ON MS-DOS 6.22 Documents all MSDOS 6.22 commands and other DOS batch files information
The Useful Site a selection of DOS utilities, cunning DOS tips, and a DOS links page
Dos7 Commands Lists and describes the DOS commands available in MSDOS 7.x (Win9x)
Jacco's Home Page Useful information on DOS networking, using Samba with DOS clients, etc
Understanding and Getting Around in DOS Excellent first time tutorial on DOS

WordPerfect for DOS Updated Great site for drivers, info and other resources for WordPerfect 5.x/6.x for DOS
Wordstar Resource Site a help site for WordStar for DOS users, has several freeware DOS Wordstar utilites
Bright Electronics - MS-DOS Networking howto guide on peer to peer networking with DOS
DOS Command Interpreter Site on running DOS applications on the Nokia 9110 communicator cell phone.
WoRM's software page Many DOS related stuff on bootdisks, downloads as well as forums and chat

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Other useful websites

FCC's FCC ID Look up Useful for identifying hardware via its FCC code
Driverzone's FCC ID Look-up Useful for identifying hardware via its FCC code
Wotsit's Format The programmers resource
FreeCode Free Programming Source Code including Internet apps.

Programmer's Heaven Has many programming related files and links
Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society My computer user group webpage. Has various Trinbago links, software links for other OSes and more

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Arachne Websites (various sites where you can download various addons to Arachne, a DOS internet suite)

Dfilter v3.0 Arachne email filter for Arachne v1.47b to v1.67. Filters are saved for future use. Check the README.TXT (updated 4th November 2000)
Dshell v2.0 Patches Arachne's v1.5 SRC "Shell to DOS" function  (updated 6th Dec 1999)
CD PLAYER v0.0.97 Simple audio CD player for Arachne
Arachne Help Page From Guenter Bietzig is an Arachne Help FAQ
Mel's Arachne UK Home Page
HTMTOY 1.0a1 From Tomas Brunclik is this form based HTML generator. Has other programs

My Internet In DOS Group at eGroups, join free! Open forum for DOS Internet users

Arachne WWW Browser Home Page

Rich Green's DOS Freeware Site

TVDog's Internet Archive Internet/DosLynx/Bobcat

Pegasus Mail Website

Wizard57M's Web Page (for graphics/multimedia rich experience, LOL)

FAQ: MS-DOS Applications for Internet Use.

Garbo, download site

Google, fast search on the Internet

A list of 'all' HTML-tags in ISO-latin1

Interesting DOS Programs

Understanding IP addressing: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know (3Com)

SimtelNet, huge download site.

UKA_PPP, this site offers various good internet utilities

Encyclopedia about computer viruses

Access Masters DOS Internet

MS DOS Help and Commands

IBM Webboy
DOSINT - internet for DOS
Pegasus Mail - e-mail for DOS!
Setting up Email in DOS with today's ISP using a dialup PPP TCP/IP connection
SPIN Graphical Web Browser and Editor for DOS
Pine Information Center Pine e-mail client for DOS
Net-Tamer, Inc. DOS Internet Specialists. Home of nettamer web browser for DOS
PC Yarn - offline mail and news reader for DOS
Internet Tools for DOS
Trumpet Newsreader for DOS Overview

Operating Systems

DR-DOS - Multi-tasking, task switching, personal netware, and many other features!
FreeDOS - Completely Free MS-DOS compatible OS.  Still in development.  Many great links!
PC-DOS 2000-  Fully featured DOS by IBM. Y2K Compliant!
RX-DOS -  Advanced Y2K compatible DOS
PT-DOS 2000 - PhysTech Software's fast and powerful OS
SuperDOS - Multi-user, networking DOS by Bluebird Systems
Logan Industries -IMS REAL/32 DOS compatible 32 bit multiuser and networking operating system

DOS Software Sites:

Anzio For DOS - Terminal emulation program through serial connections (modem or direct cable)

Greenview Data, Inc. (VEDIT) Home Page - VEDIT, a fast editing program for DOS.  Download free demo!
Holin Datentechnik, PC-CONFIG english - A good benchmark program for DOS
IGC Thin Client Solutions - Providers of the VM/386 networking software

Softdisk Online Store - Online source for commercial DOS Software
Mansfield Software Group - Home of KEDIT, another commercial text editor for DOS
Greatware Software - Developers of MS-DOS compatible programs
McAfee Virus Progams - One of the best virus dection programs on the market.  Download free demo!
Dr. Solomon - Another great virus detction program
Photodex Products - Dos Graphics/Multimedia Viewers - SEA multimedia viewer for wide array of
    file types.  Plays avi files in DOS.  GDS viewer available for heavy on-line graphics file maintenance
Geostatistical Software for the PC - If you know what is is all about,you don't need me to explain

Genetics software - Just what it says!
Quinn-Curtis, Incorporated - Real time Graphics tools, Science and Engineering
Lugaru Software Ltd. - Home of Epsilon programmer's editor.
Working Software, Inc. - Developers of various software programs, including Last Resort keystroke recording.
Brutus home page - One of the world's top 6 Othello game  program:  programmed for DOS
Welcome to G-media's GLpro - High powered multimedia development application. DOS version free with purchase of Windows version
THE TERMINATE SITE - A powerful terminal program
CATDISK For Dos - File management and archiving utility.
The TZPlay Homepage - A Wave player for DOS
Moon Viewer by SARUM
NAPA Software Home Page - Home of Comcfg, a DOS program to help resolve com port problems

DOS Application Menu 2.1 - run any DOS program from a windows icon
Androsoft Web Site - developer of SuperClip screen capture, print screen, and auto save software for Windows and

SoX: Sound eXchange
Wall Street Software - Investment Software available for DOS
Safetynet Security - Antivirus and Year 2000 Software available for DOS
QuickView Homepage - Multimedia player for DOS.  Plays MP3, MOV, AVI, WAV, and more
Australian Chemistry Network - DOS & Windows Chemistry Software
F-Secure -  Anti-Virus program for DOS

Shareware and Assorted DOS sites

Alkaid Software - Developer of DOS shareware, with many great links to DOS sites.
Locations of Benchmark Programs -Get benchmark programs for your computer!
Leithauser Research - Various shareware programs developed by the company
Mark's Candy Store - Assorted DOS programs, links, and other information
Microsoft Software Support Library - Download MSDOS components.  Upgrade to MSDOS 6.22 for free!
PKWARE - Home of PKZIP compression and archive program.  Also have a DOS shell and other programs!
Simtel.Net MS-DOS Page - THE source for DOS shareware
Welcome to Dan's Home Page! - A neat DOS shell program
Kurt Dekker's Home Page Programmer who develops DOS clones of classic arcade games.
The Shareware Stockpile(TM)-DOS Index - An index of various DOS Shareware programs
Completely Free Software - Index of Win3.1 & DOS freeware & free shareware
LOMAX Software - Publisher of shareware games for DOS and Windows
Win-httpd CGI-DOS
DOS-Based PGP Frontends "Pretty Good Privacy" encryption and security programs
Chicago Systemic Initiative - Various math programs
DOS Development Software - Software available for programming development
The FDISK.COM DOS Internet Pages
Microfox - Developers of software for DOS marketed via shareware
C2HTML - Shareware program for converting source code into HTML documents
PC Software - A directory for many DOS based programs

Online Bible Dos Library Page - Download the #1 free Bible program for DOS

  • Batch Files in Windows NT
  • How to use DOS

  • The FDISK.COM DOS Internet Pages
  • Lynx Web Browser
  • Arachne
  • Setting up Email in DOS
  • Tvdog's internet Access

  • The Valuable DOS Freeware Page
  • Computer Centre Introduction to DOS
  • Notes on MS-DOS 6.22
  • Understanding and Getting Around in DOS

  • EasyDOS Command Index


    The best thing about our software setup above is that it is all shareware or freeware! Arachne allows free personal, educational or non-profit use, but registration unlocks a couple of non-critical, but desirable functions. Nettamer is fully functional "nagware" - it nags you to register, but the software is not crippled in any way. Lineo DR-DOS is a free download for trial use. F-Prot is a free virus scanner for DOS and Desktop 2 is a freeware Windows-like graphical user interface menu system (English or German versions available) including file manager, screen saver and more.

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