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Amateur Radio Station KA4MAP
Equipment and Frequencies used:
Kenwood TS-520, Icom IC- 730
3.5-30 MHz.

Alinco DR-605 Dual Band 144/440 MHz.
Toshiba T 4700CS laptop computer

Welcome to my little piece of the Web. I love amateur radio. Often you will hear it called "Ham Radio", but regardless of the name, it is one of the greatest hobbies in the world You can talk with a friend across town or around the world. You can meet Kings, Senators, Astronauts or just regular people like me. You can help missionaries communicate back home from their far away lands, spot tornadoes and severe storms for the National Weather Service or help do a parade or other community function. Browse around and see what you think.

Hot Links

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Any or all of these sites will introduce you to different aspects of the wonderful world of amateur radio.  73 (or Best Regards in Amateur Radio Terms)
Check back often and see this page grow.  Ron, KA4MAP

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at ka4map@bbtel.com

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