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  Some new HAMS do not realize that there are two HAM communities. The first is a social group of HAMS (Radio friends) in the local area that meet on nets, at hamfests, on the air and at club meetings.  A most important aspect of our local group is the connection that comes from the VHF/UHF nets.  A good net (such as our `Monday at 8 p.m.' 2 meter net) is made up of local news, national and international news (such as ARRL bulletins) and local and personal information.

  Thanks to our special language and abbreviations we (most of us) feel that we are part of a big happy family.  Some "old timers," that have never operated above 30 Mhz, do not realize the importance of the (usually 2 meters) connection.  From the news to the`company' during the ride to and from work, to hidden transmitter hunts, to having a fellow HAM a push on the hand mic button away, no HAM should be without these relationships.  I should know, I was a NOVICE for 17 years, never owned a scanner (I thought they were only for listening to the police and fire departments) and I didn't know there was a reason to upgrade to the next level.  I could have answered those 25 questions at any time.  I just didn't know any better.  Every HAM that has never been on the air above 30 MHz must check this out.  Next time I will discuss the second ham community, the world wide community.

Ron KA4INM [email protected]