Rigs Ron's (KA4INM) station consists of the following:
     Mobile -
Kenwood 7850 50 watt 2 meter F.M mobile
YAESU FT-727R 2M/70CM Handi Talkie
Kenwood TH-235A 2 meter H.T. (Door Prize)
    (with a 30 watt Heath Kit amplifier)
YAESU FT-757 H.F. 100 watt 160 to 10 meters
Hustler bumper mount H.F. antenna 80/40/20/10 M
Mag. Mount 10 meter antenna (for company car etc)
Larson 2 meter 5/8th wave mag. mount
Cushcraft/signal 2/70c.m. Mag. mount for XYL's truck etc.
  Base -
YAESU FT-990 with MD-1 desk Mic. & bencher paddle
deep cycle marine battery with 24 amp. P.S. *
40 meter dipole, up about 40 feet 60' of RG-11
Dual HAM sticks & BALUN on 15 meters 50' of RG-58
Hustler `4BTV' 40/20/15/10 meter vertical antenna, only 2 radials
MFJ HI-Q loop 9-33 MHz 90' of RG-8 foam  30' up
Hustler G6-270 2m/70 cm (7' long) 30' up

Misc. -
MFJ 422 keyer W/ bencher paddle
Headphones, CANS not stereo style - Tin diaphragm!
High Intensity Mag. mounted desk lamp 12 volt * Cassette recorder 12 volt d.c. operation) *
Cassette recorder 117 volt a.c.
Reel to reel recorder 117 volt a.c.
486DX-4 120 MHz / 4 gig. HD / 40 Meg. of ram / CD drive / QRZ
    15" monitor, inkjet printer

Tower - none yet!

Closet or Basement - not in use now
KLM KT34A 4 element 3 band beam - not up, not repaired
Kenwood TR-9000 2 meter all mode (10 watts, NO AM?) (ill)
Home made copper 2 meter "J" pole
Home made copper 70 c. meter "J" pole
11 element 2 meter Cushcraft beam
KDK 2015R 2 meter mobile (ill)
Regency AR-2B 2 meter mobile
Drake TR-22-C 2 meter portable
    Drake power amp for 22-C
Heathkit TX-1 H.F. transmitter (3)
Heathkit RX-1 H.F. receiver     (2)
Heathkit SB-401 H.F. transmitter
Heathkit SB-300 H.F. receiver
Heathkit DX-100 H.F. transmitter
Collins 75A-2 H.F. receiver (ill)
Eico 717 Keyer /w Vibroplex single lever Paddle.