Q. What is HAM RADIO?
A. Amateur (French for "done for the love of it")  Radio operators are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (in USA, citizenship NOT required).  When you pass a 55 question written test after studying 250 questions from a book sold at Radio Shack stores, (NO CODE! & 8-16 week wait!) you will have ALL privileges ABOVE 30 M.Hz. (VHF, UHF, & above.) Beginners privileges on the HIGH frequencies (lower than VHF, 9 bands with WORLD WIDE contacts and contests) are gained by passing slow MORSE CODE test, advancing privileges from additional code and written tests.  Some HAMS carry VHF or UHF handy talkies (1/4 to 5 watts out, some 2 bands) some have home and/or car transceivers (5 to 50 watts out), we talk `through' local repeaters (up to 50 miles from tower) to "radio friends," other HAMS, some to work & back.  HAM Radio Operation is structured and severe fines can result from failure to follow rules and regulations (NO PROFANITY!!! & "call sign" every 10 Min. etc.) It is a HI-TECH hobby (& society) for all ages, sexes, races, & most physical disabilities, for fun, with numerous areas of interest (it's own language & abbreviations) including Public Service, field & emergency operating including ON AIR voice, code & computer operation - "Packet Radio." ARRL or other publications & HAM clubs in most cites help prospective & beginning HAMS learn and grow. Home antennas can be hidden or disguised if required.  HAM radio began around 1901, 11 meter C.B. Radio began in 1958 they are entirely different! Listen between 146 & 148 MHz on a scanner, you might like us, if you do, join us!
73 (our abbreviation for "best regards")
 Ron KA4INM Plant City, Florida