PROgramit - PRO64 & PRO2041 Instructions
Versions after 4.0 support the PRO64 and PRO2041 serial interfaces.  The connectoin between the scanner and your computer has a 3-pin stereo 1/8 inch mini-plug on one end and either a DB-9 or DB-25 on the other.  The cable is wired as:
Connections to a DB-9
TIP pin 2
RING pin 3
SLEEVE pin 5
Connections to a DB-25
TIP pin 3
RING pin 2
SLEEVE pin 7
Connect a 1K resistor between TIP and RING for either cable.

Download PROgramit V4.0 Beta

Download probaud.ini to your windows directory. You may need to edit it manually. Here is the contents of the file:


Use only a DOS based editor, or save files as plain text. I do not recommend changing anything but the com port or the delay. Delay is a number that gets multiplied by the DELAY that you have set under the PROgramit settings/port menu. Together, these determine the pause between programming of individual channels. If the product is too small, the download will fail and you will not see "Finish" displayed.

This file should be installed in your windows directory.  If you do not install it at all, the defaults will be used.

You will only need to set the PORT an DELAY under the PROgramit Settings menu after selecting PRO64 (you can rename PRO64.dat to PRO2041.dat if you wish) as the Active Scanner. I suggest starting with a DELAY of 10,000.

Try It
The cable should only be plugged in or unplugged when the scanner is off. Also note that the scanner may have to be reset if it will not accept programming.
  1. Turn off the scanner.
  2. Plug in the cable.
  3. Turn on the scanner while pressing 3 and E.
  4. Download a channel, bank, or the entire radio.
  5. Turn off the scanner when "Finish" appears on the display.
  6. Unplug the cable.

To my knowledge, the PRO64 and PRO2041 only support remote programming of the frequency. Until I learn otherwise, you will not be able to program the delay, lockout, mode, attenuator, priority and CTCSS remotely. Thanks to Barry [email protected] for testing the first PRO-64 SW.

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