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PROgramit Software and updates are distributed as shareware. The author requests a one time $12.00 registration fee.

John Montalbano
5 Polly Way
Middletown N.J 07748

First Some Important Notes

    1. Please be sure to set your display driver for SMALL FONTS!
    2. R6 on the Parallel interface is 4.7K ohms, not 47K ohms.
    3. Make sure to attach the PROgramit interface ground to circuit ground on your scanner. Do not use the scanner's chassis for ground.
    4. The diodes must be installed in reverse for the PRO-2035 and PRO-2042.
    5. One report indicates that the diodes should not be installed at all in a PRO2040.
    6. Two reports indicate that the diodes should not be installed at all in a PRO2026.
    7. I recommend that you set your PC and PROgramit for 800 X 600 display. You can set you PC for higher resolution as well, but PROgramit will occupy an 800 X 600 window.
    8. Optimize the delay to achieve the fastest reliable downloads to your particular scanner. For version 6.0.02 and beyond, specify the key down and key up time in milliseconds.

        First time downloaders :

  1. Download and install the full version.
  2. Download updates (if available) to the install directory.
  3. Put the .dat files they need in the install directory. You must always include PRO2032.dat and template.dat
  4. Run PROgramit and select your model as the active scanner. Most of the configuration will have been done for you if you wired your interface as shown in the special instructions section.
  5. Set the screen size to 800 X 600 unless your computer only supports 640 X 480 (some laptops).
  6. Select "Configure Active Scanner".
  7. Set the number of banks and channels per bank for your radio. This is to accommodate models that have been modified with more memory.
  8. Set the port that you are connected to. Set the delay.
  9. Visit the Set AM/FM Modes form. Make sure the settings are correct and press save.
  10.  Save the configuration.
  11. Select "Set Default Directories". Select the directories in which you will install your database files.

You should then be ready to use PROgramit.  We depend on users to provide new configuration files. If you successfully install PROgramit in a model that is provided, please email me the .dat file and a table showing how you connected to the scanner. The table should provide the information as shown in the special instructions section. I will then post this for other users with that model.

PRO2036 and PRO2040 are also available - email me for files.

Version 4.0 (16-bits for Windows 3.1)

16-bit Shareware Version 4.0 - Full Download (3.5Mbytes You must download this first!)

16-bit Diagnostic Program (32K)

16-bit Shareware version 4.4 Update -  (150K)


Version 6.0 (32-bit for WIN95/98) - Posted 2/26/00

AOR users must include "AOR or "aor" in the name of their .dat file in order to enable these features. The bank numbers on the tabs should change from 1-10 to 0-9 when you select a scanner with either of these strings in the name. Channel numbers will still display as 1 - 1000, but these are decremented by 1 and leading zeros are added upon output to your scanner.

I will try to change the channel number field display to start at zero, but this may not be possible. If anyone has some microsoft access experience, see if you can get the autonumber field called "channel" in the field to start at zero. Then create a new channel map and see if the channel column in the map starts at zero. "Create New Channel Map" uses (an Access Database) as the template for the new map. Be careful! You will need to change the name of to template.mdb in order to open it. BUT, there already is a template.mdb file in trhe PROgramit directory. Save this somewhere first. Then rename to template.mdb, edit it, rename it back to and then restore the original template.mdb. Please let me know if you are successful at this.

32-bit WIN95 Shareware Version 6.0.6 (Full Download 4 Megs YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS FIRST)

32-Bit Diagnostic Program


Support file for PRO-64 (optional)

PROBAUD.INI file (Optional for PRO64 installation. Allows you to set COM port parameters)


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