CQ CQ CQ... this is W2GSB/Lighthouse - Fire Island Lighthouse NY Special Event Station  W2GSB/Lighthouse  - August 17 and 18, 2002
Fire Island Lighthouse, Fire Island National  Seashore, Fire Island New York

As part of International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend,  members of the Great South Bay ARC and other ARC's, operated from the Fire Island Lighthouse Aug 17 and 18, 2002, signing W2GSB/Lighthouse.

USCG ref #670 , ARLS LH# USA-286, ARLS membership# 256, IOTA NA-026, USIA NY-013-S

Next year's weekend is August 16 and 17 2003.

W2GSB/LH is dedicated to the memory of Rich Tygar AC2P <SK>. Rich was the leader of operating Special Event Stations from interesting sites on Long Island such as AC2P and AC2P/200 Montauk Point Lighthouse, AC2P/p LI Air Show, W4Z Jewish Arts Festival of Long Island and Fire Island Lighthouse..

A picture QSL card is available for 2002. QSL cards are available for 1998 to 2001.
QSL via W2GSB, PO Box 1356, West Babylon, NY 11704. SASE Please. DX QSL direct or via BURO.

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This operation is made possible by the Fire Island Light Preservation Society, Fire Island Light staff and Fire Island National Seashore. We thank them for their gracious hospitality and for the opportunity to operate Amateur Radio from Fire Island Lighthouse.

Lighthouse/Lightship Activity Weekend was developed in 1997 covering North and South America, Europe and South Africa. During the weekend a total of 36 stations were established at lighthouses and lightships in 14 countries over the weekend 23/24 August 1997.  This event is NOT a contest, each station decides how they will operate their station regards modes and bands.

August 1998 when radio amateurs of the world joined in the fun of the weekend by establishing stations at 151 lighthouses, lightships or maritime lights in 38 countries. Stations were QRV in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.   W2GSB/Lighthouse logged 723 contacts in 16 hours with 13 Lighthouses, 45 USA States, 6 Canadian Provinces and 20 Countries.  

In 1999 W2GSB/Lighthouse worked a total of 1046 contacts. 20 Lighthouse/Lightship stations 23 DX Countries on 6 Continents, 13 IOTA Islands, 47 USA States - no Delaware, Hawaii or Montana and 7 Canadian Provinces.

In 2000 W2GSB/LH logged 796 contacts with amateur radio operators in 46 countries, 45 US States, and 6 Canadian Provinces while contacting 43 Lighthouse Stations. The lighthouse stations logged were from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Puerto Rico and USA.

In 2001 W2GSB/LH logged 896 contacts with amateur radio operators in 27 countries, 44 US States, and 6 Canadian Provinces while contacting 31 Lighthouse Stations. The lighthouse stations logged were from England,  Ireland, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and USA.

The 2001 International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend took place from 0001 UTC on Saturday 18th August until 2359 UTC on Sunday 19th August 2001, when 348 amateur radio stations were established at lighthouses and lightships in 46countries.  [A full list of stations that were QRV with their QTH and QSL information can be found at   vk2ce.com/illw/2001.htm

In 2002 W2GSB/LH logged a little over 305 contacts. Radio propagation was very poor and we had limited access to the Lighthouse this year. The W2GSB/LH crew had a great time dispite being frustrated by the poor propagation.

Hope to enter you in the log.

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W2GSB/Lighthouse - PO Box 1356 - West Babylon, NY 11704-0356 
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