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My Station
HF - Icom 756 PRO II, 10M vertical antenna approx. 50' above ground. 80M dipole approx. 35' above ground running mostly N/S.
VHF/UHF - Yaesu FT-8900R quad band FM, 2M, 440, 6M, 10M. Using a Ringo Ranger6M Vertical, a Diamond X510-MA at about 40' for 2M and 440.
Kenwwod TW-4100A Dual band 2 meter/440 for backup/packet.

HF - Titan II 10M 25Watt, Super Penetrator Antenna, Yaesu 757GXII with some Hustler Resonators.
VHF - Yaesu FT-2600M 2M mobile, Hustler CG-144 Antenna.
APRS - Icom 2100H 2M mobile, MFJ mini-magmount Antenna, Kantronics KPC3+ TNC, Delorme Tripmate GPS.
UHF - Motorola Spectra, MFJ Dual band antenna on home made fender mount.

VHF - 2 Yaesu VX-150's

Primary Operations
HF - All Modes 160-10M, favor 10M when conditions good, Contesting, DX
VHF - FM Repeater and simplex 146.970 Primary Repeater 146.925, 145.310,
146.910, Simplex 146.55 146.52 147.525
Packet/APRS - 145.010 my packet mailbox, APRS on 144.390 as KA1ZEX-15
VHF-LOW - Wachuesett, Greylock, Framingham, Simplex

About Me
Name : Ron
Age : 26   (8/7/76)
License Class : General
First Licensed : Novice 07/30/1991
Upgrades : Technician, 10/29/91 - General, Nov. 2002
Other Hobbies/Interests - Remote Controlled Cars/Racing, Fox Hunting, Emergency
My 10-10 # - 60114
RACES - Radio Operator City of Worcester, MA.
ARES - Official Emergency Station
W.E.C.T. - Proud member of the Worcester Emergency Communications Team
In Loving Memory of Bunny - She was always near me whenever I                                                                  was on the air, and I will forever miss                                                                 her company. 3/8/03
Special thanks to the following individuals:

My girlfriend Samantha for her patience and understanding.
Ed W1KT for his friendship, help, and guidance.
My parents for allowing all my antennas.

In Memory of Dale Earnhardt


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