Larry Artz

I've been a licensed ham radio operator since 1979, starting out by doing a lot of experimenting with TVs and broadcast radios in the early 1970s, and then jumping on the bandwagon - being a die-hard CBer during the CB craze in 1976-1977. Ham radio was just the next step, since CB was getting out of control after a while, I wanted to expand on the radio art.
I current hold an Extra class license, and yes, I am a supporter of CW, and although I seldom use it these days, I can still communicate using the straight key.
My ham radio station is located in Nashua, New Hampshire, utilizing a 70 foot tower located 250 feet above sea level in grid location FN42. My station consists of standard HF gear, VHF/UHF radios and a UHF Amateur Television transmitter.
I like homebrew projects, making my own antennas and putting a station together by scrounging whatever I can find.
Here is the ultimate station hams will kill for in which I get to operate every day. I can legally put out 300 kilowatts of pure RF here. (actually, I'm tracking and imaging satellites that continually orbit the Earth). I also climb two of these dishes, work/build/repair/modify a lot of the RF-related equipment there relating to the transmitter and receiver equipment.

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