KA0PSE/B Beacon

The heart of the beacon, the transmitter (left), was featured in an article in March 2000 QST Magazine. The only modification was a miniature fan to cool the output transistors. On 28.219 Mhz it puts out a whopping 3.85 watts into an inverted V dipole at about 30 ft. The rig was fun to build and I think it puts out a good sounding signal.

The power supply (center) plan was listed in the same article with the project. Twenty-five volts will provide 3.85 watts output. The keyer is pictured to the right.

Beacon work is new to me and I find it fascinating to get reports from Germany to Uruguay to South Africa to Australia when the 10 meter band is active.

If you've heard the beacon and reported, thank you for the feedback. If you haven't checked it out, I encourage you to give it a listen.

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