Welcome To K9YO's Web Home

My Job: Cavenger Corporation KL9A's Page and recordings 4T0I Expedition Contesting.com The rest of this site is under construction, and will be up early 2002.

Welcome to K9YO's Home!

This is the main homepage for Cedrick W. (Fred) Johnson! I have been active in many contests from 1995-2000, and I previously held the callsign N9YXA until late 98 or so. I am not active on the air as much as I would like to be now, mainly because I have been busy (20 hour days) preparing to launch a post-dot-com era Internet media and Software Consulting firm, named Cavenger Systems.

K9YO QSL Status

Because I am no longer active with radio, nor have much time to devote to Amateur Radio, QSL'ing has fallen to a very low priority. If you have sent a request for a QSL, and it is a SASE, please be PATIENT, I will get around to doing it. If you did not send a SASE, you will eventually get a reply, but it will be when I have time, and can spare to actually visit a post office and buy some stamps (Stamp buying manually was a thing of the past with DotComGuy (see this link, 2000-2001)

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