Amateur Radio Software

Please feel free to Download the software

These are the programs that we have as of now, They can all be downloaded from one page by clicking the bar at the bottom of the page. These programs are all usable with just your sound card.  You need to make your interface to the radio and computer or order one of the commerical units such as a RigBlaster.

    PSK31                         SSTV                      APRS                   RTTY
 WINPSK-v2.09                             ChromaPix-V1.0                    APRS-v.848 (dos)               MMTTY-v1.60e
  DIGIPAN-v1.06                                                                          WINAPRS-v2.46                  TrueTTY-v1.70

     CW                   EMWIN                QSL Card Maker
      CwGet                                                                                                              QSL Card Maker


these pgms are all windows except as noted for dos