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Radio Club

Which Meets the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month at 7:00 pm est

Our "PREZ"

Sandy Swartzendruber


N0PHI             WB9ZEZ               KA9SYE             N1LL
Kevin                  Kurt                        John                  Lyle
   Pgm. Dir.             Social Dir.            Sec./treasure        Vice Prez.
                                                                                     RPT. Trustee

<<<<<<<<<< Members >>>>>>>>>>

John Allyn  KA9SYE 1117 So. 8th St. Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Stephen Arnold  KB9AVS 68059 CR 31 Goshen IN 46526    none
John Baer  N9YOD 17063 CR 40 Goshen IN 46526    none
Barry Bartlett  W9OKD 60232 Missouri Ave Goshen IN 46528 [email protected]
Paul Beck  K9VTN 625 Pringle Dr. Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Ronald Burton  KB9SDU 64925 Orchard Dr Goshen IN 46526    none
Edward Charles  KB9BBI 58550 Sun Bow Dr. Goshen IN 46528 [email protected]
Paul F. Corey  KB9UEX 1535 Springbrook Dr. Elkhart IN 46514 [email protected]
Kurt Cripe  WB9ZE 5614 S 980E Wolcotville IN 46795 [email protected]>
Cheryl Cripe  KB9NTY 916 So. 15th St Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Tim Cripe  N9SPI 916 So. 15th St. Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]ay.com
Dennis Drudge  W9XD 27901 CR 36 Goshen IN 46526    none
Kellie Edwards-Smith  KB9MOH 58143 Steiner Goshen IN 46528 [email protected]
J. Robert Eshleman  W4DR 1818 Manakintown Ferry Rd. Midlothian VA 23113    none
David Evans  AA9DG 2308 S. Main St. Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Brent Graybill  W9DOT 22381 CR38 Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Carl Harrison  KB9TUK 215 N. Ward Elkhart IN 46514    none
Jonathon Hoke  K9HYU PO Box 534 Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Tom Holtzinger  N9PZO 1002 College Ave. Goshen IN 46526    none
Homer Houck Jr.  W9ZFA unknown Elkhart IN 46514    none
George Kalich  KB9OYM 19107 Oak St New Paris IN 46553 [email protected]
Gary Kaufman  KA9RTH 21150 CR 40 Goshen IN 46526    none
Jim Kehr  N9DUZ 54722 CR 8 Middlebury IN 46540 [email protected]
Andy Keil  KB9FMZ 10935 W 805 N Shipshewana IN 46565    none
Ron Kerlin  KB9LSH unknown unknown Florida unknown [email protected]
Kevin Kilmer  N0PHI 15648 CR 44 Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Paul Koepke  KB9MKD 1319 Winsted Dr Goshen IN 46526    none
Kurt Lehman  unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown    none
Emma Long  KD6OTT 24237 CR 24 Elkhart IN 46517    none
Lyle Long  N1LL 24237 CR 24 Elkhart IN 46517 [email protected]
David Long  KB9MLE 63726 CR 33 Goshen IN 46528    none
Bill Lower  KB9RUB 417 So 3rd Street Goshen IN 46516    none
Martin Lynch  KA1LXG unknown Lafayette IN unknown [email protected]
JR Massey Jr  KB9HU PO Box 24 Osceola IN 46561    none
Jim Massing  KB9MOG 615 Myrtle St Elkhart IN 46541    none
Patrick Neibert  WA9ZQV 909 E Shady Banks Milford IN 46542    none
Ron O'Bryant  N9UZM 2130 Mather Ave Elkhart IN 46517    none
Denise O'Bryant  KB9KUL 2130 Mather Ave Elkhart IN 46517    none
David Otto unkown 306 Northern Lites Dr. Middlebury IN 46540 [email protected]
David Phebus  N9QEY 503 N. Chicago Av. Apt A Goshen IN 46526    none
Lyle Pontius  N8URS 23964 Redfield Rd. Edwardsburg MI 49112    none
Tim Putman  KB9SDT 2419 Marshall Dr Mishawaka IN 46544    none
Jerry Reeder  KB9LMG 2713 Evergreen Ln Goshen IN 46526    none
Floyd Rheinheimer  WA9LBC 22989 N 175E Milford IN 46542    none
Louise Sellers  KA9ZEE 54676 CR 8 Middlebury IN 46540    none
James Sellers  K9ZBM 54676 CR 8 Middlebury IN 46540 [email protected]
Charles Short  KB9BIF 1609 So 10th St Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Burton Showalter  KB9OKJ 66761 CR 31 Goshen IN 46526    none
Jocelyn Slough  WZ9M 528 S. 3rd St. Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Jon Slough  KB9ATR 528 S. 3rd St. Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Jim Smith  KB9HKF 57433 Penny Ln Elkhart IN 46517    none
Randy Smith  KB9QOV 128 Broadmore Estates Goshen IN 46528    none
Calvin Swartzendruber  KA9SRY 415 Park Ct Goshen IN 46528 [email protected]
Sanford Swartzendruber  W9JOE 16722 CR 40 Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Neal Thomas  WA9WTM 54503 Saddle Brook Crossing Elkhart IN 46514    none
Robert Thrapp  KB9TUJ 5662 Sapphire Elkhart IN 46516 [email protected]
George Trenshaw  KD9UQ 1407 W. Lincoln Ave. Goshen IN 46526    none
Melvin E. Troyer  KB9USD 122 1/2 Crescent St. Goshen IN 46528    none
Weldon Troyer  K9UHI 1508 Garland Dr. Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Howard Trumbull  N9KKR 1801 Greencroft Blvd Apt 142 Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Paul Van Dyke  KB9AVO 1105 N Hiawatha Dr Syracuse IN 46567 [email protected]
George Vasbinder  N7GVD 2607 Martin Manor Goshen IN 46526    none
Roger Walter  W9LMX 124 Brentwood Ave. Elkhart IN 46514    none
Donna White  N9IOV 2400 E. College Ave. Goshen IN 46528 [email protected]
Ralph Yoder  AB9A 815 So 12th St Goshen IN 46526    none
Marion Yoder  KA9NN 105 N Wheatland Dr Goshen IN 46526    none
Myron Yoder  WD9AKG xxx pike street Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]
Richard Zimmerman  KE4RIT 509 K Lane Apt 1A Elkhart IN 46517 [email protected]
Brent Zook  N9HZ P.O. Box 981 Goshen IN 46526 [email protected]


Membership Cost

  The cost for single club membership is $25.00 per year which breaks down to about $2.00 per month, which is a very good value. Students and Senior members are $15.00 and family membership is $35.00


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