Field Day 2012 K9MOT

Another Successful and Enjoyable Field Day Exercise 2012 K9MOT- Schaumburg Campus


DSC00099.JPG              DSC00120.JPG   

HF Antenna installation                                            Greg (K9QI), Bill (N9BT) Full Wave Delta Loop 80M

  DSC00115.JPG           DSC00121.JPG

Satellite- Adrian (AA5UK) Ed (N9EP), Sanjay (KG9FA)---Sevim(WB8BHN), Mike (WB8BZK), Greg (K9QI)

DSC00141.JPG           DSC00127.JPG

  Ed (N9EP), Jerry (N9GGO), XYL-Jenna                  Field Day Tent Set-up 80meter Dipole


DSC00138.JPG   DSC00160.JPG
Field Day Commutations Trucks                 40 Meter Vertical

Tnx to Jerry, N9GGO for the pictures & text.

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