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      People say "Stop living in the past."
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Noteworthy Vintage Radio Web Pages    Novemeber 19, 2016

      Midwest Classic Radio Net    PLEASE NOTE → Check-ins are required to be in the AM mode
        About the MCRN
          The net is dedicated to the operation and maintenance of vintage vacuum tube radio gear. If you need parts or expertise, there will probably be someone on the net who can assist you. If your gear is working, just stop by to say hello! You will meet a friendly and helpful group.
        How To Find Us
          The net meets every Saturday at 7:30am CDT on 3885KC. A Pre-Net starts about an hour earlier and features casual round table QSO operation.
        Listen to The Midwest Classic Radio Net with Rob WA9ZTY as NCS in April 2000.  

        MCRN The Midwest Classic Radio official web site  Preserving a piece of ham radio history
        The Midwest Classic Radio Net's first site ...the early days

      Organizations, References and Resources
        Antique Radios  The Collectors Resource  If it isn't here, it isn't anywhere!
        ARCI Antique Radio Club of Illinois  Affiliated with the AWA
        AWA Antique Wireless Association   To preserve and share the history of technology used to communicate
        Bob's Antique Radios Electronics High Voltage Capacitors, Dial Cords and Lamps
        Canadian Vintage Radio Society To preserve and share the history and technology used in Canada
        Electric Radio Magazine Dedicated to vintage ham radio
        Wikipedia About vintage Amateur Radio
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