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The pet HAM is one of the most intelligent of pets, often seeming almost human, but he can also be one of the most difficult to keep. Only a person with a great deal of patience and understanding should attempt to keep a pet HAM. The following is a short guide to some of the most important things that you should know about caring for your pet HAM:

     Laura's Note: The author is not a ham herself but does keep one at her home as a pet.


 "Last month, my XYL said she'd leave me if I didn't give up ham radio. Over."


  From Ward - N0AX:

    Q: How many DXers does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: All of them. One to change it and the rest to argue about whether it counts as a light bulb.


Note: The traditional slang term for a ham with a powerful transmitter and large antenna system is "Big Gun". 

 Here are my favorite responses to AB5S/7's "What a bunch of JUNK!" contest. In Dave's own words: "The point of the contest was to find the best one-sentence reply to that universally-suffered insult to our treasured ironclads."
  •  "HONEY, Don't think of it as junk...think $$$$$ and it's yours, someday!"
    - Robert Fowle
  •  "Junk? What junk? It's long time investment in antiques!"
    - Dirk PA3GNR
  •  "Junk: Stuff we throw away. Stuff: Junk we keep."
    - Jim Marrone
  •  "Junk? You would prefer I collect 19th Century farm implements?"
    - W7NI Stan Griffiths
  •  "Junk is a Chinese boat...this is precision equipment!"
    Phil Mills
  •  "Junk....is good"
    - Henry Engstrom
  •  "Out this way we call debris accumulation the 'Kiss of the Junk Fairy."
    - Marty AA4RM
  •  "You never know when you might NEED one of these."
    - N2CQR/HI8 Bill Meara
  •  "Honey this ain't junk, this is inflation-fighter stuff. I get it at 10 cents on the dollar and wait for inflation to make it worth a dollar.
    - Dube Todd
  •  "Boatanchors Hold Yer House Down in a Tornado!"
    - Boatanchor Bob NA4G
  •  "One man's junk...another man's treasure... and my wife's biggest headache."
    - Guy Dragoo
  •  "Medical research has proven that Hams as a group have a higher rate of "Keepitis" than others and can strike at any time of year. No known cure as yet."
    - W1JKA (Not one of the original replies, but seems appropriate.)

     Q: What did the DX contester get on his IQ test?
         A: Drool.

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     My favorite Boatanchor bumper stickers...
    • Save heavy metal - recycle a Hammarlund or Johnson!
    • Firebottles Forever!
    • No glass, no class!
    • A Viking Challenger is NOT a Scandanavian warrior
    • 73, 88, and 6146
    • "What's a boatanchor?" If you have to ask, you won't understand the answer!
    • Real radios glow in the dark!
    • Keep your eyes on the meter and your nose off the plate cap.
    • 807s for everyone!
    • The Beat Frequency generation
    • Honk if you love Slide Rule Dials
    • I brake for Hamfests

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       November 30, 2016

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