40 meter 100 watt Transmitter

About The 40m Transmitter

Some Highlights

  • Modes of operation CW AM USB LSB FSK
  • Dedicated connector on back panel for a packet TNC
  • An electronic keyer based on the ubiquitous Curtiss 8044AB iambic CW keyer chip
  • Front panel controls for these CW functions:
    • Keyer speed
    • Keyer weight
    • Break-in hang time
    • Sidetone level

  • Metering  (L → R)
    • Driver current 250mA full scale
    • ALC level
    • PA Current 10A full scale
    • RF output meter which can be operated in peak or average mode
  • Low-level generated AM signal bypasses the narrow SSB filters for full fidelity
  • Front panel controls for mic gain and carrier level
  • Rear panel connections for RX muting and amplifier control
  • Internal DC power supplies permit 120 VAC line operation
Technical Information

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