Kent's Radio Collection

I enjoy collecting old radios. Below are a few of the radios I have right now. Click on the picture of the radio to get a bigger pictures and some more information on that radio.

This are is under construction. I hope to have a lot more information and links (and better pictures) here in the next few weeks.

AirKing 701
<--------------Looking for more info on this radio, as well as an M30H ballast tube!

Arvin 852P1

Admiral 4L29B

Bendix 112 "KXRX-AM Dial 1500" Markings


Emerson 578A

General Electric J-602

Kadett 35

Majestic 50

Parmak Tombstone
A pic of the Dial is HERE.

Philco B652

Philco PT87

Philco 38-22 Console

Philco 40-180 Console

Philco 46-420

Philco 48-200

Philco 48-408

RCA 8-X-541

RCA 56X2

Stewart-Warner 9180H

Truetone D-2610

Zenith H-500 "TransOceanic"

Zenith H725

Zenith 5B011ZY "Consoltone"

Zenith T1000 Transoceanic

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