History of Wisconsin AM stations


This list is just a beginning.  I know I have a lot of work to do on it, but I thought I would put it up for people to look at and help with any corrections.  If you see something that is a-miss, PLEASE email me at [email protected].


Station in RED are still on the air.



9XM      Madison ??? Predecessor to WHA

KGIE     Milwaukee 1500  Listed as a temporary license.  Wisconsin Radio Trade Association, "temp 10/2/28 to 10/7/28"

KFIZ     Fond du Lac 1100 Licensed July 6, 1923.  Started in May 1922, station operated with 100 watts in its earlier days and was owned by Daily Commonwealth & Oscar A. Huelsman. Reporter Printing Co. was licensee in the mid-thirties. KFIZ Broadcasting Co., acquired station in May 1946 and operated it with 250 watts on 1450 kc.  It is now running at 1kW

KFIZ     Fond du Lac 1120  Moved here in 1928

KFIZ     Fond du Lac 1420 Moved here in 1930.  1934 lists KFIZ as running 100 watts and shared time.  Presumably with WHFC, WKBI and WEHS all of Cicero, IL..  Studio and transmitter were at 18 West First Street.

KFIZ     Fond du Lac 1450 Moved to this frequency on or about 1942.  Present dial location of station.

KXTP    Superior 970 x-WAAX Presently “Radio Disney”

WAAK   Milwaukee 833  Milwaukee’s first radio station, licensed to Gimbel Brothers, licensed April 13, 1922.  100watts to a 40’ antenna.  Lasted about a year.  The first official broadcast was 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 26, 1922.

WAAK   Milwaukee 1070  Moved from 833 during 1923

WAAX   Superior 970

WABN   La Crosse 1280 Licensed June 1923.  Owned by Waldo C. Grover.

WABN   La Crosse 1230 Moved here in 1925 500 watts.

WAGO  Oshkosh 690  Now WVCY-AM

WAIZ     Appleton 1320 Calls stood for Appleton Irving Zuelke.

WAPL    Appleton 1570  Now WRJQ

WAQE    Rice Lake 1090 x-WMYM “Classic Country 10-90”

WARP    Milwaukee 1340 Now WJYI.  Ran a very free form rock format for a while.  Sounded like a college station.

WATK    Antigo 900 Started in 1947 with 250 watts daytime only by Antigo Broadcasting.  Classic C&W “AM 900”

WATW   Ashland 1400 Started in 1940 with 250 watts by Upper Michigan-Wisconsin Broadcasting…. The same company that owned WJMS Ironwood, MI.  Transmitter located at South Ellis Street.  Nostalgia “Memories 1400”

WAUK    Waukesha 1510 Used to be country.  Now “Sports Radio 15-10”  ESPN Radio.  Broadcasts in stereo.  x-WAUX

WAUX    Waukesha 1510  Started in 1946 by Waukesha Broadcasting with 250 watts daytime only.  Transmitter was on Orchard Lane and studios were at 319 West Main Street.  Presently WAUK

WAUX     Lake Geneva 1550  Used to be affiliated with WAUK 1510 and know as the Sports Radio Double Play

WAWA    West Allis 1590 Deleted  Used to be R&B from 4 towers near the UPS station in Elm Grove.  Tower bases are still there.

WAYY     Chippewa Falls 1150  Now WEAQ

WBAY     Green Bay 1360  Started in 1925 and owned by WHBY, Inc.  Ran 5000 watts.  Studio was in the Bellin Building.  Now WGEE

WBCS     Milwaukee 1340  Simulcast 102.9 WBCS when it was country.  Presently WJYI.  Ex-WEMP, WRIT, WLZR, WARP, WMKE.

WBEL      Beloit 1380   Started in 1948 with 1000 watts daytime only.  Studios were at 335 East Grand Avenue, and the transmitter was at 900 East Elmwood Avenue.  Moved City of License to South Beloit, IL to upgrade signal.

WBEV      Beaver Dam 1430 Adult Contemporary  Frequency was originally in Milwaukee as WEXT.

WBIZ       Eau Claire 1400 Started in 1947 with 250 watts.  Studio and transmitter were at 609 Cameron.  Owners were WBIZ, Inc.  Sport/Talk

WBJX      Racine 1460  x-WRAC, WRKR, WHBT, WWEG, WEGS.  Spanish

WBKV     West Bend 1470  Started in 1950 with 500 watts daytime only.  Owners in 1950 were West Bend Broadcasting, Inc.  Classic C&W

WBOO    Baraboo 740  Became WRPQ

WCAY     Milwaukee 833 May 15, 1922  Owned by the Kesselman O'Driscoll Co.

WCAY     Milwaukee 1150

WCAY     Milwaukee 1130 Owned by Milwaukee Civic Broadcasting.  250 watts.  This eventually became WTMJ.

WCCN     Neillsville 1370  Studios are in the Wisconsin Worlds Fair building from 1966.  Nostalgia

WCJL      Marinette 1300  deleted

WCKK     Oshkosh 690  Known as Cake Radio when it was NOS.  Now WVCY-AM.

WCLB      Sheboygan 950  x- WCNZ, WKTS  Club 9-50 Nostalgia

WCLO     Camp Lake 1320 Licensed August 4, 1925.  Calls stood for Camp Lake Oaks. Owned by C. E. Whitmore.  Ran 50 watts.

WCLO     Kenosha 1200 Change of Owners, City of License and frequency in 1930.  Owners now WCLO Radio Corporation.  1934 lists WCLO as 100 watts unlimited schedule.

WCLO     Janesville 1230 1942 lists WCLO with a change of City of License and Frequency.  Owners were Southern Wisconsin Radio, Inc..   Studio was at 200 East Milwaukee Street and the transmitter is still at 1436 South Oakhill Avenue.  Present day location of WCLO.

WCOW    Sparta 1290  Now WKLJ

WCQL     Sussex 1370 Changed calls to WKSH.

WCWC    Ripon 1600 Now WRPN

WCNZ      Sheboygan 950  Now WCLB

WCSW     Shell Lake 940  “AM 9-40”  Nostalgia

WCUB      Manitowoc 980 x-WWOC

WCUB      Two Rivers 980 x-WWOC, WCUB Manitowoc “Cub Radio”  Country

WDBP       Superior 1150 Licensed May 1924.  Run by Superior State Normal School.  50 watts.

WDEY       Hudson 740  Now WMIN

WDGY      Hudson 630  Heritage calls taken from 1130 in Minneapolis.  Presently Spanish “Radio Rey”

WDLB       Marshfield 1450  Started in 1946 by Dairyland’s Broadcasting service, Inc.  Ran 250 watts from a transmitter at 1710 North Central Avenue.  Present format is Oldies.

WDLS       Wisconsin Dells 900  Now WIBU

WDSM      Superior 1230 Started in 1939 with 250 watts. Stuidios were in the Spalding Hotel in Duluth with the transmitter on Conners Point.  Owned by Ridon, Inc.. Eventually moved to 710.

WDUZ       Green Bay 1400   Started in 1947 by Green Bay Broadcasting, Inc.  Studio was in the Nicolet Building, transmitter Sports “14 the Fan”

WDVM      Eau Claire 1050 x-WRFW, WEIO, WISM, WOKL Religion

WEAQ       Chippewa Falls 1150 x-WAYY Nostalgia

WEAU        Eau Claire 790 Started in 1937 with 5000 watts.  Studios were at 203 ½ South Barstow.  Owned by Central Broadcasting Company.  Used the slogan “The Heart of the Corn Belt”.

WEBC        Superior 1240 Licensed June 27, 1924  Owned by Walter C. Bridges.  10 watts.  Upgraded to 100 watts in 1925.  Upgraded to 250 watts in 1927.  In 1928 new owners were Head of the Lakes Broadcasting Co..

WEBC        Superior 1290 Moved here in 1930.  Used the slogan “Head of the Great Water Way”.  1934 lists WEBC as running 2500 watts day and 1000 watts night.

WEBW        Beloit 1120 Licensed October 9, 1924 ran 500 watts.  Calls changed to WISJ eventually.  Run by Beloit College.

WEBW        Beloit 1160 Moved here in 1928.

WEGS         Racine 1460  Calls did not last long, flipped to WWEG as WEGS sounded pretty close to then country WBCS.  Now WBJX

WEIO          Eau Claire 1050  Now WDVM

WELF          Tomahawk 810   Now WJJQ

WEKZ         Monroe 1260 Country and some Swiss programming.  Studios are in a Swiss chalet.

WEMP         Milwaukee 1340  Started in 1935 by the Milwaukee Broadcasting Company.  Calls stood for the EMPire building, which was where the studios were located early in the stations life.  Studio address moved to 5407 West Martin (Martin was listed.  Either the name of the street change or this is a typo.  Street name is McKinley).

WEMP         Milwaukee 1250  Used to battle it out with WOKY for top-40 listeners in the 70’s.  The Milwaukee Braves were broadcast on WEMP.  In 1963 seven towers were taken down and 5 new taller towers were put up.  Changed over to Oldies (Sheeesh I miss them!!).  Now is religion.  Used to have a web site saying the RugRats were evil (go figure!)

WERL          Eagle River 950 Nostalgia

WERU          Sun Prairie 1190  Now WNWC

WEVR          River Falls  1550 Adult Contemporary

WEXT          Milwaukee 1430 Started in 1947.  Eventually became WOKY 920.  Frequency moved to WBEV Beaver Dam.  Transmitter location was 2501 South 43rd Street.  Studios were downtown.  Last day was September 4th, 1950 when WOKY came on air on 920.

WFAC          Superior 833 Owned by the Superior Radio Co.

WFAW         Fort Atkinson 940 Talk, Adult Contemporary

WFAX          Superior ?? Licensed June 8, 1922

WFBZ          Minoqua 1570  Now WLKD

WFCL          Clintonville 1380 Nostalgia. Used to be country.

WFHR          Wisconsin Rapids 1340  Established in 1940.  1950 listed at 250 watts with a transmitter at 1500 Bonow Avenue.  Owner was William F. Huffman Radio, Inc..  Eventually moved to the present location of 1320.

WFHR          Wisconsin Rapids 1320 Talk

WFOX          Milwaukee 860  Started in 1946  by the Wisconsin Broadcasting System.  Studio and transmitter were listed as 739 North Broadway.  Also used to have a tower located at 205 East Wisconsin Ave on a bank building.  Now WNOV. 

WGAG          Milwaukee 833  Licensed June 2, 1922  Shown as temporary station for the Wisconsin Radio Show.  Listed Spearman Lewis, Mgr Director, and the location as the Plankington Hotel.

WGAY          Madison 833 Licensed June 28, 1922  Owned by the North Western Radio Co.

WGBQ         Menomonee 1280 Licensed January 1925.  Sequential call sign.  Ran 100 watts.

WGBR          Marshfield 1310 Licensed February 1925.  Sequential call.  Ran 50 watts.  Owned by George S. Ives.  Listed in 1926 as 10 watts.

WGEE          Green Bay x-WBAY, WTAQ  Used to be country.  New Talk now.

WGEZ          Beloit 1490  Started in 1948 with a whopping 100 watts.  Studios were at the Hotel Hilton.  Presently Oldies.

WGLB          Port Washington 1560  Calls stood for “Great Lakes Broadcasting” who were the original owners. Now WGLB Elm Grove

WGLB          Elm Grove  1560  Upgrade daytime only signal to unlimited with move to Elm Grove area.  Black Gospel

WGLR          Lancaster 1280 Country //WGLR-FM  x-Oldies

WGNW        Sussex 1370   Calls stood for “Good NeWs Radio”.  Changed to WKSH

WGSC         Kaukauna 1050  Now WJOK

WGWB         Milwaukee 1370 Licensed October 1926. Ran 500 watts and was owned by Radiocast Corporation of Wisconsin.

WGWB         Milwaukee 110 Moved here in 1928 with new owners listed as the Evening Wisconsin Co.

WGZS          Waupun 1170  Was religion “Jesus or “GeeZuS”  Now WMRH

WHA             Madison 833 Licensed October 1924.  Was actually authorized to use two frequencies 833, and 619.  833 being the “Entertainment” frequency and 619 was the “Weather and Market News” frequency.  Under the supervision of the late Professor Earle M. Terry, the U. of Wisconsin started 9XM in 1917. The station was operating on 485 meters with 500 watts in 1921. WHA supplanted 9XM on Jan. 13, 1922, and subsequent frequency and power changes have brought the station to the present 5 kw on 970 kc. The outlet has operated from the same location under the same licensee since its inception.


Earle Melvin Terry helped found 9XM Madison, Wis., now WHA, still calling itself 'the nation's oldest broadcast station.' Earle Terry, a professor of physics at the University of Wisconsin, inspired C. J. Jansky Jr., a student, to design and construct three-element power vacuum tubes to be used in an already established experimental radio-telegraph station (started in 1914 with 2000 watts of power on 475 meters), in operation in Wisconsin's old Science Hall and licensed under the call letters 9XM. The station achieved its first transmissions of voice and music in 1917 under the direction of Professor Terry and with the devoted efforts of such university students as Mr. Jansky, Malcolm Hanson and Grover Greenslade. On Jan. 3, 1919, daily radio-telephone broadcasts of weather reports were started. C. M. Jansky Jr., the son of a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Wisconsin, went on to become an international authority on radio engineering and still is associated with Jansky and Bailey Inc., Washington, consulting engineers. Malcolm Hanson, another of Professor Terry's precocious students, was later chief radio operator on Admiral Richard E. Byrd's first expedition of Antarctica. Professor Terry died May 1, 1929, less than four months beyond his 50th birthday.

WHA         Madison 560  Moved here in 1925 with 750 watts.

WHA         Madison 940 Moved here in 1927 with 750 watts.  Moved back here in 1920.

WHA         Madison 900 Moved here in 1928.

WHA         Madison 940 Moved here around 1934.  1000 watts daytime only.

WHA         Madison 970 Moved here on or before 1942.

WHAD      Milwaukee 833 Licensed 30, 1922 Call was sequential, no meaning behind it. Run by Marquette University.   Under early Federal Radio Commission, power was increased to 250 watts and time was shared with WISN, Newspaper station. In 1930 WISN increased power to 1 kW and continued to share time with WHAD until 1934, when WISN purchased the WHAD plant and facilities.

WHAD       Milwaukee 1070  Appears to have shared time with WAAK on this frequency.  Ran 100 watts.  Upgraded to 500 watts in 1926.

WHAD       Milwaukee 1090 Moved here in 1925 with 500 watts.

WHAD       Milwaukee 1110  Moved here in 1928.  Looks like it shared time with WGWB.

WHAD       Milwaukee 1120 Moved here n 1930 with WISN.  1934 lists WHAD as 250 watts with Shared Time with WISN.

WHBB        Stevens Point 1250  Licensed January 1925. Sequential call sign.  Ran 50 watts.

WHBL        Sheboygan 1470 Licensed March 5, 1925.  Calls and station came from Logansport, IN and showed up in Wisconsin in 1929.   Owners were Press Publishing Co. & C. L. Carrell.

WHBL        Sheboygan 1410 Moved here in 1930.  1934 lists WHBL as running 500 watts and shared time with WROK Rockford, IL..

WHBL        Sheboygan 1330 1942 lists WHBL changed frequency here with 1000 watts day and 250 watts night.  Studios were listed as being in the Press Building.  Present dial location of station.  Talk Sports.

WHBT        Racine 1460  Now WBJX

WHBY        West De Pere 1200 Licensed March 28, 1925.  Owned by St Norbert’s College.  Ran 50 watts.  Moved to Appleton.

WHBY        Green Bay 1200 City of License changed to Green Bay in 1931.  1934 lists WHBY as 100 watts unlimited time.  And the owner as WHBY, Inc..

WHBY        Appleton 1230 Listed in 1942, but started in 1924 in Green Bay.  Ran 250 watts from 600 South Lawe Street.

WHBY        Kimberly  1150  WHBY bought out WYNE Appleton, which as a daytimer running 1kW.  WHBY upgraded the facility to 5kW U4, and change the city of license.  Transmitter is south of Neenah along Hiway 41.  Runs 4 towers in line day and 5 towers in line at night.

WHFA        Poynette 1240 x-WIBU.  Long time well know Polka station.  CBS News even did a news clip on them.  Religion now.

WHIT         Madison 1550 x-WWQM, WMAD   Now WTUX

WHSM       Hayward 910 Nostalgia

WHRY        Hurley 1450  Oldies

WIAA         Waupaca ???  Licensed July 1922 Sequential call sign.

WIAJ          Neenah 1340  July 1922 Sequential call sign.  Owned by Fox River Valley Radio Supply Co. (Quinn Brothers of Quinn TV and Appliance)

WIAO         Milwaukee  833 Licensed July 22, 1922 Became WSOE and then WISN.  The station began operating with 100 watts on 360 meters. WSOE was adopted in 1924, to identify the licensee, Milwaukee School of Engineering. In 1924 the Wisconsin News, Hearst Corp. newspaper in Milwaukee, began part time programming for the station, and a year later took over all programming duties. The outlet increased its power to 500 watts on 1110 kc in 1927. It was acquired by the Wisconsin News in 1928, and call letters were changed to WISN. The licensee has changed its name to the Milwaukee Sentinel, but letters WISN remain. Under early Federal Radio Commission, power was increased to 250 watts and time was shared with WHAD, the Marquette U. station. In 1930 the station increased power to 1 kw and continued to share time with WHAD until 1934, when it purchased the WHAD plant and facilities. The outlet was placed on its present 1150 kc with 5 kw in 1941.  Moved to 1220 with 100 watts.

WIBA         Madison 1270 Licensed March 24, 1925  Owned by Capital Times Studio.

Ran 100 watts.  In 1927, added the Strand Theater Corporation as co-owner.

WIBA         Madison 1250 Moved here in 1928.  Used the slogan “Four Lakes City”.

WIBA         Madison 1280 Moved here in 1931.  1934 lists WIBA as running 1000 watts day and 500 watts night, with a new owner of the Badger Broadcasting Co..

WIBA         Madison 1310 1942 lists WIBA changed frequency to here running 5000 watts.  Owners were Badger Broadcasting Company.  Studio located at 3800 Regent Street, with the transmitter in Fitchburg (present day location).

WIBF         Wheatland 1300 Licensed April 1925.  Ran 50 watts.  I don’t even know where Wheatland IS!!

WIBU         Poynette 1350 July 8, 1925  Owned by The Electric Farm.  Ran 20 watts.  The calls stood for Wind Is Being Used, as they were using a windmill for generating power!  This frequency in now used by nearby Portage station WPDR.

WIBU         Poynette 1380 In 1927 changed to this frequency and new owners: Wisconsin State Journal.  Ran 20 watts.

WIBU         Poynette 1320 In 1930 changed frequency and owners.  Owner was William C. Forrest.

WIBU         Poynette 1210 Moved here about 1934 and was running 100 watts with an unlimited schedule.

WIBU         Poynette 1230 Listed in 1942 with this change of frequency.

WIBU         Poynette 1240  Now WHFA

WIBU         Wisconsin Dells 900 x-WNNO, WDLS,  WWGA 990  Thankfully the owners of this station kept the nostalgic calls!  Music of Your Life.

WIGM        Medford 1450 Started in 1941 by George F. Meyer.  Power was 250 watts. “News Talk Radio”

WILT          Tomahawk 810 Now WJJQ

WISC         Madison 1480  Started in 1948 with 1000 watts.  Owned by Radio Wisconsin, Inc.  Studios were at the Commercial State Bank Building and the transmitter located on Seyene Road. Now WTDA.

WISJ          Beloit 560 ex- WEBW Calls were listed in 1920.  Owners were the Wisconsin State Journal.

WISM        Eau Claire 1050  Now WDVM

WISM        Madison 1480  Now WTDY

WISN         Milwaukee 1110  First listing of WISN is in 1928, where it shared time with WHAD.  WISN eventually bought out WHAD.

WISN         Milwaukee 1120 Moved here in 1930.  1934 lists WISN as 250 watts with Shared Time with WHAD.  Also lists the new owner as the American Radio News Corporation.

WISN         Milwaukee 1150  Moved here on or before 1942.  Assumed to be 250 watts.  Transmitter was in the Town of Greenfield. Eventually upgraded to 5000 watts with a transmitter at 5001 South 60th street..

WISN         Milwaukee 1130

WISS         Berlin 1090 Country  //WAUH-FM

WISZ          Madison 1480  Now WTDY

WIXK         New Richmond  1590  “Real Country”

WIZM         La Crosse 1410  X- Nostalgia calls WKBH.  News Talk.

WJBD         Ashland 1290  Licensed April 1925  Ran 100 watts.

WJBR         Omro 1320 Licensed January 1926.  Owned by Gensch & Stearns.  Ran 50 watts.  Upgraded to 100 watts in 1927.

WJMC        Rice Lake 1240 Started in 1938 with 250 watts by WJMC, Inc..  Studios and transmitter located at 1615 North Main Street.  Adult Contemporary

WJOK         Kaukauna 1050 ex WKAU, WQWM, WGSC.  Started out as a Top-40 Station in the 70’s.  Chnged to country, religion then sports and is now religion again.  Calls stand for Jesus Our King.

WJPG         Green Bay 810  Started in 1947 with 1000 watts daytime only.  Owned by the Green Bay Newspaper Company.  Transmitter was in Bellevue.

WJPG         Green Bay 1440  Now WNFL

WJUB         Plymouth 1420 x-WPLY Religion

WJYI          Milwaukee 1340.  This used to be the proud WRIT and WEMP.  So many famous names came through here such as “Robert L” (Bob Collins), “Vic Brandon”

WKTS        Sheboygan 950  Now WCLB

WKAF        Milwaukee 1150 Calls stood for Wood, Kesselman, and Ford.  Ran 500 watts.

WKAU        Kaukauna 1050  Calls for KAUkauna.  Now WJOK

WKAW       Beloit 1240 Licensed August 1922 Sequential call sign.  Owned by Turner Cycle Co.

WKBH        La Crosse 1360 Licensed August 19, 1926.  Owned by Callaway Music Co.  Ran 500 watts.  Became WIZM. 

WKBH        La Crosse 1300  Moved here in 1928.

WKBH        La Crosse 1380 Moved here in 1930.  1934 lists WKBH as running 1000 watts with an unlimited schedule.  New owners listed as WKBH, Inc..

WKBH        La Crosse 1410 Moved to this frequency about 1942 and was running 5000 watts.  Studio was located at 409 Main Street, with the transmitter on Gillette Street.  Now WIZM.

WKBH        Holmen  1570  Nostalgia calls moved to this frequency.  Talk/Sports

WKDR        Kenosha 930 Licensed August 1926.  Perhaps calls stood for Kenosha Edward A. Dato, owner.  Ran 15 watts.

WKLJ         Sparta 1290 X-WKLJ (original call), WCOW  CNN News/Talk

WKOW      Madison 1070  Started in 1948 with the present day 10,000 watts day and 5,000 night.  Studios were at 215 West Washington Avenue.  The transmitter is still in McFarland.  Now WTSO.

WKSH        Sussex 1370 Moved to 1640  1370 deleted.

WKSH        Sussex  1640  Calls moved here in 1999.

WKTS        Sheboygan 950 Now WCLB

WKTY        La Crosse 580  Started in 1948 with 1000 watts.  Owned by the La Crosse Broadcasting Corp..  Studio was located at 112 North 4th Street, and the transmitter was located on Stoddard Road, 4 miles south of La Crosse.  Present day format is Sports.

WLBL         Stevens Point 1080 Licensed May 1924.  Also see WPAH.  Calls stand for Land of Beautiful Lakes.  Ran 500 watts.

WLBL         Stevens Point 940 Moved here in 1927 with 1000 watts.

WLBL         Stevens Point 900 Moved with WHA here in 1928.  Upgraded to 2500 watts (daytime only) around 1934.  Transmitter location listed near Ellis.

WLBL         Stevens Point 930 First listed on the frequency in 1942.

WLBL         Auburndale 930  “Wisconsin Public Radio”

WLCX        La Crosse 1490  Started in 1947 with 250 watts.  Owned by Bermac Radio, Inc.. Studio was located in the State Bank Building with the transmitter on Lang Drive.  Now WLFN.

WLDL        La Crosse 1490 Now WLFN

WLDY        Ladysmith 1340 Started in 1948 with 250 watts.  Owned by (and still is!!!) the Flambeau Broadcasting Company.  Studio and transmitter were located on Westlake Avenue.  Presently running Nostalgia Music of Your Life.

WLFN        La Crosse 1490 x-WLCX, WLXR, WLDL  Nostalgia

WLIN         Merrill 550  Started in 1948 by Alvin O’Konski.  Ran 1000 watts.  This eventually was moved to Wausau and became WSAU.

WLIP          Kenosha 1050  Started in 1947.  Founded by William LIPman.  250 watts non-directional.

WLKD       Waupun 1170   Now WMRH

WLKD        Minoqua  1570 x-WFBZ, WMQA  Nostalgia

WLKE        Waupun 1170 Now WMRH

WLKE        Oshkosh 690 Took calls from 1170 when 1170 went to WLKD.  Now WVCY-AM.  Known as “The Lake”.

WLUM- AM West Allis 1590 See WAWA

WLXR        La Crosse 1490  Now WLFN

WLZR        Milwaukee 1340 Simulcast 102.9 WLZR for a couple of years.  Presently WJYI.

WLZZ         Greenfield 1290  One of the many calls of 1290.  Presently WMCS.

WMAD      Madison 1550 Now WTUX

WMAM      Marinette 570 Started in 1939 by M & M Broadcasting, Inc..

WMAW      Milwaukee 1250  Started in 1947 with 5000 watts by Midwest Broadcasting Company.  Studios were at 723 North Third Street.  Transmitter at the current location on Grange in Hales Corners.  The original calls for the 1250 station.  Became WEMP.

WMBE       Chilton 1530 x-Country Now Sports

WMCS      Greenfield 1290 x-WMIL, WZUU, WLZZ, WMVP This signal has seen it all.  Is presently a very well run R&B station that broadcasts in stereo.

WMEQ      Menomonee 880 “News Talk 8-80”

WMIL        Greenfield 1290  Now WMCS

WMIN       Hudson 740 x-WDEY, WMIN, WRPX Presently Sports

WMIR       Lake Geneva 1550 x-WAUX Now WZRK

WMKE      Milwaukee 1340 Now WJYI

WMQA     Minoqua 1570  Now WLKD

WMRH      Waupun 1170 x- WLKE, WLKD, WGZS Nostalgia.  Spanish on weekends.

WMVP       Greenfield 1290  Presently WMCS.  They had these calls until AM 1000 in Chicago turned to all sports, and bought the call sign from them.

WMYM      Rice Lake 1090  Now WAQE

WNAM      Neenah 1280   Started in 1947 with 1000 watts by Neenah-Menasha Broadcasting.  Studios were in the Neenah National Manufacturers Bank building.  x-Top 40.  Now Nostalgia.  Broadcasts in Stereo

WNBI        Park Falls 980 Nostalgia

WNBV       Baraboo 1500  Listed as a temporary license.  Young Men's Christian Association, "operate one night 5/28/27".

WNFL       Green Bay 1440 x- WJPG  Calls for Home of the NFL Champs, Green Bay Packers.  Sports

WNNO      Wisconsin Dells 900  Now WIBU

WNOV       Milwaukee 860  Calls stand for Wisconsin’s Negroes Only Voice, and was related to Chicago’s WVON (Voice of the Negro).  X-WFOX.  Transmitter used to be on top of 205 East Wisconsin Avenue.  The base structure is still there.  A building (100 East Wisconsin) went up next to the tower, hampering its signal.  There were lawsuits of discrimination etc.  WNOV moved their transmitter just off of Fond du Lac Avenue.  Their signal does very well for a 250 (daytime) Station!.

WNWC      Sun Prairie 1190 x-WERU Religion Owned by Northwestern College.  CP for signal upgrade including night time operation.

WOAR       Kenosha 833 Licensed November 1922.  Reissued November 1923.  Owned by Henry P. Lundskow.

WOBT       Rhinelander 1240  Started in 1947 with 250 watts by Oneida Broadcasting.  Presently Sports Radio 12-40

WOCO      Oconto 1260 Country

WOGO      Hallie 680  Sports

WOKL       Eau Claire 1050  Now WDVM

WOKY       Milwaukee 920 SOOO Much history here.  Stay tuned, I will get to it!  Started out as WEXT 1430.  On September 5, 1950  the WOKY calls came about with a change of frequency (920) and location to 75th and Edgerton with 1kw and three towers.  Known as “Mighty 92”. 

WOMT      Manitowoc 1350 Licensed November 18, 1926.  Calls stood for the Mikadow Theatre which is where the station was located.  Ran 50 watts.

WOMT      Manitowoc 1210 Moved here in 1934 and was running 100 watts with an unlimited schedule.

WOMT      Manitowoc 1240 1942 list this change of frequency.  Present dial location of WOMT.

WOSH       Oshkosh 1490 Started in 1941 with 250 watts by Oshkosh Broadcasting.  Transmitter remains at 1235 Bowen.   x-WOSH (original calls), WYTL  Was top-40 with WOSH calls.  Country under WYTL.  News Talk now.

WPAH        Waupaca 833 Licensed December 1922.  Became WLBL.  With a 500 watt transmitter at Waupaca, WPAH began operation Feb. 5, 1922 on 485 meters. The station was established by the Wisconsin State Dept. of Markets, to broadcast agricultural information to farmers. In 1924, the outlet was moved to Stevens Point and call letters were changed to WLBL. In 1937, the station installed a 5 kw transmitter near Auburndale and began operating on 930 kc. Studios were moved to the Central State Teachers College campus that same year. In 1951 station operation was transferred to the Wisconsin State Radio Council, a statutory body charged with providing statewide educational broadcasting.

WPDR       Portage 1350 Country

WPLY        Plymouth 1420  Now WJUB

WPRE        Prairie du Chien 980 Oldies “Cruisin 9-80”

WPVL        Platteville  1590  x-WTOQ, WWSW  Oldies

WQTC       Two Rivers 1590  Now WTRW

WQWM     Kaukauna 1050  Now WJOK

WRAC       Racine 1460  Started in 1950 with 500 watts daytime only.  Run by Bell City Broadcasting.  Studio listed as 423 Main Street.  Now WBJX

WRAL        St Croix Falls 1210  Licensed March 1923.  Sequential call sign.  Owned by Northern States Power Co..  100 watts.

WRCO       Richland Center 1450  Started in 1949 with 250 watts by Richland Broadcasting Company.  Now known as “1450 Oldies “.

WRDB       Reedsburg 1400 Talk

WRDN       Durand 1430 Oldies

WRFW       Eau Claire  1050 Started in 1948 by the Chippewa Valley Radio and Television Corp.  Ran 1000 watts daytime only.  Studio and transmitter were at Rudolph Road.  Presently WDVM.

WRIG        Wausau 1400  Moved to 1390 and changed city of license to Schofield.

WRIG         Schofield 1390 x-WRIG Wausau 1400.  Nostalgia

WRIT        Milwaukee 1340  Top-40 in the 60’s and 70’s  Changed to all news in 1972.  Now WJYI

WRJC       Mauston 1270 Talk.

WRJN       Racine 1210 ex-WRRS.  Calls first listed in 1928.   Calls stand for Racine Journal-News.

WRJN       Racine 1370 Moved here in 1930.  In 1934 WRJN is listed as running 100 watts unlimited schedule.  Owner listed as the Racine Broadcasting Corporation.

WRJN       Racine 1400 First listed on this frequency in 1942.  Studio listed as 441 Main Street, with the transmitter at Vistory and Kentucky Streets.  Present dial location of station.

WRJQ       Appleton  1570 x-WAPL, WVMS  Change of calls coming soon to WSCO.  Polka, nostalgia

WRKR       Racine 1460  Rocker in the 70’s.  Simulcast with 100.7.  Now WBJX.

WRPN       Ripon  1600  x-WCWC

WRPX       Hudson 740 Now WMIN

WRRD       Jackson 540  “The Word”  X-WYLO, WZER

WRRS       Racine 930 Licensed December 6, 1926 Became WRJN.  Calls stood for Racine Radio Station.  Ran 50 watts.

WRTR       Two Rivers 1590  Now WTRW

WSAM      Milton ??? March 20, 1923 Listed as a temporary license. For Milton College (A G Sayre).

WSAU       Wausau 1400  Established in 1937 by the Journal Company, the same company that owned WTMJ and The Milwaukee Journal.  Listed as 250 watts with a transmitter at Coates Lane.  Became WRIG. Calls eventually moved to 550.

WSAU       Wausau 550 News/Talk

WSBR       Superior 1490  Established around 1948.  Eventually became the present KQDS in Duluth, MN

WSOE       Milwaukee 1220 Milwaukee School of Engineering.  Ex- WIAO.  Ran 100 watts.  Upgraded to 500 watts in 1926.  Became WISN.  WSOE was adopted in 1924, to identify the licensee, Milwaukee School of Engineering. In 1924 the Wisconsin News, Hearst Corp. newspaper in Milwaukee, began part time programming for the station, and a year later took over all programming duties. The outlet increased its power to 500 watts on 1110 kc in 1927. It was acquired by the Wisconsin News in 1928, and call letters were changed to WISN. The licensee has changed its name to the Milwaukee Sentinel, but letters WISN remain. Under early Federal Radio Commission, power was increased to 250 watts and time was shared with WHAD, the Marquette U. station. In 1930 the station increased power to 1 kw and continued to share time with WHAD until 1934, when it purchased the WHAD plant and facilities.

WSPO      Stevens Point 1010  Now WSPT

WSPT       Steven Point 1010 x- WTWT, WXYQ, WSPO Sports

WSWW     Platteville 1590  Now WPVL

WTAQ      Osseo 1180 Licensed September 4, 1923.  Became WGEE (calls are now in Green Bay.  So were WTAQ calls at one time.)  Owned by S. H. Van Gorden & Son.  100 watts.  Upgraded to 500 watts in 1927.

WTAQ      Eau Claire 1330 In 1930 Changed City of License, Frequency and Owners.  Owners were the Gillette Rubber Co.  Used the slogan “The Voice of the Wilderness”.  1934 lists WTAQ as running 1000watts daytime, and at night shared time with KSCJ Sioux City, IA.  Transmitter listed as being in the Township of Washington

WTAQ       Green Bay 1360 Established in 1940.  Moved from Eau Claire.  Presently WGEE.

WTCH       Shawano 960 Started in 1948 with 1000 watts daytime only by the Shawano County Leader Publication Company.  Studios were listed as 107 East Green Bay Street.  Country

WTDA       Madison 1480  Soon to be silenced since this station received an X-Band allotment of 1670 (WTDY)  x- WISC, WISZ, WISM, WTDY

WTDA       Madison 1670  Changed to WTDY

WTDY       Madison 1480 Changed to WTDA when 1670 came on air.

WTDY       Madison 1670 See WTDY 1480.

WTKM      Hartford  1540  Polka/Country

WTMB      Tomah 1460 Nostalgia

WTMJ       Milwaukee 1020 First on the air in 1927, though seems to have originated from WCAY.  Owned by the Milwaukee Journal.  Ran 500 watts.

WTMJ       Brookfield 1020 1928 the city of license was Brookfield.  WHAD no longer on frequency.

WTMJ       Brookfield 620 Studios listed as Milwaukee.  This frequency first listed in 1930.

WTMJ       Milwaukee 620 In 1934 WTMJ is listed with powers of 2500 day and 1000 night.  WTMJ was the reason for the first directional transmitting array.  In 1932 WFLA in Florida was interfering with WTMJ so the FCC require WFLA to install a directional antenna system to push their signal away from WTMJ.  Upgraded to 5kW day and night.  And in 1998 upgraded to a new transmitter site with 50kW days using 4 towers and 10kW nights using six towers.  Present location is south and west of Racine.

WTOQ      Platteville 1590  Now WPVL

WTRW      Two Rivers  1590 x-WRTR WQTC  “Oldies 15-90”

WTSO       Madison 1070  Used to be country, then nostalgia, now ESPN 10-7-0 x-WKOW

WTTN       Watertown  1580  Started in 1950 with 250 watts daytime only by Watertown Broadcasting.  Studios were at 104 West Main Street.  Presently Country.

WTUX        Madison  1550 x-WHIT, WWQM, WMAD  Nostalgia

WTWT       Stevens Point 1010  Started in 1948 with 250 watts daytime only by Stevens Point Broadcasting.  Studios were at 414 Main Street and the transmitter was 2 blocks north of Stevens Pint City limits.  Now WSPT.

WVCY-AM Oshkosh 690 ex- WAGO, WCKK, WLKE

WVMS       Appleton 1570  Now WRJQ

WVRQ       Viroqua 1360 Oldies “Vintage VRQ”

WWEG       Racine 1460  Now WBJX

WWGA      Wisconsin Dells  990  Moved to 900 and Changed calls to WNNO.

WWIS        Black River Falls 1260 Country

WWOC      Manitowoc 980  Now WCUB

WWQM     Madison 1550 x-WMAD  Now WTUX

WXCE        Amery 1260 Sports

WXCO       Wausau 1230 Sports ESPN 12-30

WXMT       Merrill 730 Now WJMT

WXOL       Oshkosh 690  Calls stood for eXcellentOLdies.  Now WVCY-AM

WXYQ       Stevens Point 1010  Now WSPT

WYLO       Jackson 540 “Way Low”  Now WRRD

WYNE       Appleton 1150  Signed on in 6-30-1970 as WYNE 1150.  Later known as  “Y-1-15.  Was a rocker in the 70’s with 1KW daytime and two towers in the town of Menasha.  The towers are still there.  Went country for a while as well. WHBY bought the signal, and upgraded it to 5kW unlimited with 5 towers located right along HiWay 41 south of Neenah.

WYTL       Oshkosh 1490 Was country.  “WITTLE”  Now WOSH.

WZER        Jackson 540  Now WRRD

WZRK       Lake Geneva 1550 x-WMIR, WAUX  Not on air yet.

WZUU       Milwaukee 1290  Simulcast 95.7 when the stations were co-owned.  Jonathan Green of WTMJ fame work here, as well as Larry “The Legend” Johnson..  Known as the “Zoo”.  Now WMCS.



Pre-1920 stations. 

CM         Milwaukee 900 Meters  A commercial station listed in 1912.  Assumed to be a spark gap transmitter running 7500 watts.

MB         Wisconsin  ???  Listed in 1906.  Owned by Slaby-Arco, and also ran Slaby-Arco equipment.  Appears to be the ship “Wisconsin”.

MK         Milwaukee Variable  A commercial station assumed running spark gap with 5000 watts. Listed in 1912.

MW         Manitowoc Variable  A commercial station assumed running spark gap at 2000 watts.

PA           Waupaca Variable  A commercial station assumed running spark gap at 2000 watts.  Listed in 1912.

SC           Scandinavia ???  A commercial station assumed running spark gap at 1000 watts.  Listed in 1912.

XMH       Milwaukee 1400 meters  Listed 1910.  Assumed spark gap station.






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