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Logging Software
by PDA
SM3CER Contesting Software Page
Contesting Club Finland-
Comparing Contesting Software
LOGic 7 Logging Software WriteLog
PDA Software WriteLog for Windows
LOGic FAQ Write Log Links
K3GV's LOGic- tips and tricks K9JY's Tutorial for WriteLog Beginners
LOGic 7 - Free Demo WriteLog e-mail reflector
LOGic Mailing List Networking Multi WriteLog Computers
LOGic 4 - runs  on a 386 or 486 Computer with
DOS or Win 3.1 (great for older laptops)
Other Contesting Software
LOGic- Downloadable Files---

Lets you generate lists & statistics for-
* DXCC worked by Band & Mode
* US States worked by Band & Mode
* CQ Zones worked by Band & Mode
* Top 50 DXCC Entities Worked and %
* Ranking of # QSOs per State
* % of QSOs by Mode
* Ranking of # QSOs per CQ Zone
* Continents- # QSOs and % of total

*Requires MS Excel, Download the self extracting zip file

N1MM Contesting Software
TR Log Contest Logging Program
NA Contesting Logging
CT by K1EA - Contest Software - Now Freeware!
SD by EI5DI - Contest Software
Field Day Logger by WR9R
VE3SY's Field Day Software
KC6TEU's VHF Contesting
AE6Y- CQPWin 9.1- Freeware
California QSO Party & 10 More Contests 
Other Logging Programs  N3FJP's Software- 
A Variety of Contesting Software
AC6V's Listing of Logging Software
Cabrillo (Contest Log Submission)
DX-Base Logging Software
Logger & Zakanaka
LX1NO - Lux-Log for Windows
QRP Dupe Logging Software GOLog Contesting Software for Palm-OS
Log32 by KC4ELO Linux & Macintosh Logging Software
Free Log Book for Windows (based on MS Access) by K6REA Linux Logger - TLF
QSO Manager by IK4CLF (requires MS Access) KLog for Linux
MiLog -
Logging and Contesting with multiuser support
Linux Debian- Programs for Ham Radio 
Logging Utilities,  Add-ons & Fonts Dog Park Macintosh Ham Software
LogConv- Free Log Conversion Utility Ham Logging Software for Macintosh
LogConv- Free Log Conversion Utility Black Cat Systems Macintosh Software
Slashed Zero Fonts-A Collection of Slashed Zero Fonts - Great for most Logging Programs KB6MP's Mac Shack- Macintosh Software
Fonts-Another Slashed Zero Arial Font KB7MMV - Macintosh Software Links
PROADIKON- ADIF Conversion Hams & OS-X Mac Software
ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange Format) 
Macintosh Ham Software from G0OAN
Cabrillo (Contest Log Submission)
Digital Software Links
Software Link Sites
More Digital Links at K8ZT's -
Morse Code & Digital Links Page
AC6V's Amateur Radio Software- 
Great Site with Tons of Software
www.packet Software for the Digital Ham plus (not just digital & packet)'s Software Links
Amateur Radio Soundblaster Software Collection by DL9QJ Ham-Software.Com
Morse Code Software- Funnet
DX.COM Software Links
Pile Up by G4FZE a CW Contest Simulator Finnish University Network (FUN NET FTP)
G3VFP's Digital Software Links K7HG's Software Links 
CW-Type from DX Soft KB7MMV's Software Links
DL9QJ's Ham Soundblaster Software
EA3QP's CW Software Links
EA3QP's Software Links
UT2UZ's Software Site EA4CT's Software Links
Interfacing & Hardware
SV1CDR's Software Links
Interface^almost Any Radio to Your Logging  Computer! SV1CNS's Software Links
Packet /  BuxComm
ON1DHT's Software Links
OK1RR Radio Interfacing
UA9OSV & RZ4AG's DX Soft
DK0TUI Interfacing Page
 59 plus Software
Clip Art, Wallpaper, QSL Cards
Calculators, Online, Resources, etc.
Ham Radio Desktop Wallpaper & Lots More HAMIC- The Ham Intelligent Calculator- Solve Series, Parallel or more Complex Circuits, SWR and L-Networks
QSL Maker by WB8RCR Amateur Radio ADF- 
Antenna Heading Calculation Program
QSL Management / Label Printer- BV DF3CB

Azimuth-3 Shareware to Product Azimuth Maps Time Synchronization  Software
AZMap Shareware to Product Azimuth Maps Satellite Tracking Software Collection
Koch CW Training by G4FON Propagation Software
DX Monitor
Freeware Electronics Programs
Linux-Hams Archive
Hamsoft- Linux Software for Ham Radio   
VHF - Software Links Antenna Software- G4FGQ
Amateur Radio Education Alliance ARRL US Bands- Chart in PDF Format
Palm Pilot & PDA Software Internet Related Resources
The Palm-Ham Group-Palm  Ham Homepage Hosting- 
Create Your Own Web PageI
Ham-Page by VA3PKH
Software for your Palm Pilot RLP- Internet Radio Linking Project
GOLog Contesting Software for Palm-OS AACNET - iLink
QSO Diary for Palm-OS by G4FON  

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