HVARC Membership Information

To become a member of the Hocking Valley Amateur Radio Club, please submit an application
(downloadable forms below) to the HVARC Secretary:
Bill Hopstetter, 19503 Rauber Rd., Logan, OH 43138, or email to [email protected]

There are three classes of membership - Full Member, Family Member, and Associate Member.
Licensed Amateurs only may apply for Full or Family Membership. Unlicensed individuals
interested in amateur radio may apply for the Associate Membership.

Full Membership includes voting rights in the Club, access to the Club Radio Room (subject
to conditions which may be placed on it's use by the Hocking County EMA) and full use of
the Club's repeater system. Dues for Full Membership are $15 per year.

Family Membership is the same as Full Membership, except it covers all licensed
Amateurs in the immediate family. Dues are $20 per year.

Associate Membership is for non-licensed individuals that are interested in Amateur Radio and assisting in Club activities.
Associate Members cannot access the Club Radio Room unless accompanied by a Full or Family Member, and of course cannot use the
repeater system. There are no Dues, but Associate Members must notify the Club Secretary every year that they wish to remain a Member.

Dues are due in January for that year. Individuals that become Members after
June 30 will pay one-half of the Dues rate for the remaining year.

There is no penalty for late payment, but Tardy Members may receive frowns and comments from paid-up Members.
Full Members lose voting rights if Dues are not paid by April 1 of that year. Full Members will forfeit Membership if Dues are not
paid by May 1 of that year. Members that forfeit Membership due to late Dues may reinstate Full Membership without
re-applying if Dues are paid by the end of that year.

Applications received will be evaluated by the Club Secretary and then voted on by the voting membership.
Forms incorrectly filled out, or missing important information will be returned to the applicant without action.
The applicant will be notified of their acceptance by the Club immediately after the vote. After acceptance,
Dues will be due and may be paid to the Club Treasurer (Check, cash or money order, unfortunately we
cannot accept credit or debit cards at this time). Please remit to:
Roy Vickers, Treasurer, 5898 Twp Rd 133 SE, New Straitsville, OH 43766.

Also -

Licensed Amateurs may ONLY apply for Full or Family Membership;
Unlicensed individuals may ONLY apply for Associate Membership;

Applicants that have had their FCC licenses suspended or revoked may be automatically denied membership,
and persons that are indicted or convicted of felonies or serious misdemeanors by a criminal court may
be denied membership at the discretion of the Club Executive Committee.

All Applicants and Current Members are subject to the conditions set forth in the Club's Constitution and Bylaws
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