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******* Joe Berman Memorial Fund ********

The Joe Berman Memorial Fund, is in memory of Joe Berman, W9AON. Joe was a strong
supporter of HVARC, and was an inspiration to all who knew him. His Ham Radio equipment
donation to the Club enabled the Club to raise the money to establish the Fund in his name.

Joe was always supportive of Amateur Radio, and encouraged individuals to become
Hams. To this end, the purpose of this Fund is to encourage people to obtain their
Amateur Radio License, and to provide an incentive for new Hams to become involved in
the Club, and Ham Radio activities in general. An incentive is also provided for existing
Club Members to Upgrade their License Class.

Awards from The Fund shall be subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions -------------------------------------------

There are Two Categories -

Category A

Licensed Amateur Radio Operators will have the HVARC Annual Individual Full Membership fee (currently
$15/yr ) waived for the first year of Membership if:

(1) The Applicant has not held a valid Amateur Radio License for five (5) years prior to his/her
current license grant date, with such period NOT due to FCC Revocation or Suspension;

(2) The Membership Application is received by the Club Secretary within 365 days of the grant date
of his/her license;

(3) The Applicant is a permanent resident of Hocking, Athens, Perry, Pickaway, Ross, or Vinton
Counties, Ohio.

(4) The Applicant is Approved as an HVARC Member by the voting Club Membership.

(5) Awards under Category A apply only to Amateur Radio License Applications filed on or after April 18, 2022.

Further, the New Member will receive reimbursement of the $35 FCC Application Fee from the Fund,
unless such fee is reimbursed by another organization (i.e., ARRL), if TWO (2) of the following
requirements are completed within SIX (6) months of obtaining Membership in HVARC:

(1) Participation in at least TWO (2) Regular HVARC Monthly Club Meetings;

(2) Participation in at least FOUR (4) Wednesday Night HVARC Nets;

(3) Participation in at least ONE (1) HVARC Sponsored Activity (Field Day, OSPOTA, Fox Hunt, Radio
Nite, emergency drill or activation, community event, etc.).

Category B

Any Full Member of the Club in good standing that achieves an Amateur Radio License Class Upgrade
shall have their yearly dues refunded if they are paid for that year, or The Fund will pay their dues if not
yet paid. In the case of a Club Member applying for BOTH Category A and B in the same year, Club Dues
shall be waived and or refunded for Two (2) Years. The Club Member must apply for this benefit within
1 year of the Upgrade. This benefit applies to upgrades achieved on or after May 3, 2022.

Joe Berman Memorial Fund Application (.txt)

ADMINISTRATION OF THE FUND -----------------------------------------

The Club Treasurer shall keep a separate accounting of the Fund.

The Club Treasurer shall include the current balance of the Fund in his/her monthly report.

The Club Secretary shall present every Award application received since the last Regular Meeting
to the Membership at the next Regular Club Meeting.

Where a free one-year membership is awarded, the membership fee shall be subtracted from the Fund
and added to the General Fund; Where cash is Awarded, the payment shall be subtracted from the Fund.

Once the Fund is exhausted and is not replenished, the Awards shall end and the Fund discontinued.

The Executive Committee of the HVARC shall review each application and approve Awards from the Fund.
The Executive Committee of HVARC may alter or waive these Terms and Conditions on a case by case basis,
at their discretion. Any Fund Application may be dismissed by the Executive Committee for good reason.

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