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NEXT CLUB MEETING TUESDAY, December 12, 2023. There will be a carry-in dinner prior to the meeting.

The December 12thth meeting will be held at the ABCAP Senior Nutrition Site across from the courthouse in West Union.

The dinner will start at 6:30 PM with club meeting to follow.


Meeting dates for 2023:  February 14,  April 11,  June 13,  August 8,  October 10,   December 12

Our mailing address:

DeForest Amateur Radio Club

P.O. Box 73

West Union, OH  45693

If you are not currently a DeForest ARC member please consider joining our club. Dues is $15 for FULL membership

or a FAMILY membership is $20.

If you are a licensed HAM and live in Adams County, Ohio,

AND you are in the United States military,

your membership is PAID-IN-FULL for the years

you are full-time military, that is our THANK-YOU to you!

We hope you will join us.


Membership Application - DeForest A.R.C.


DeForest ARC Weekly Net


The DeForest ARC conducts a weekly net, Thursday evening, 8:00 PM. The net is conducted on the club repeater, located near West Union, Ohio. The frequency is 147.000+ MHz, PL (CTCSS) 94.8.


The purpose of the net is mostly a social function where club members know there is a good chance they will meet up, on the air, with other club members. Occasionally we 'handle' traffic, messages often referred to as radiograms.


The net is a formal, or directed net and has a single net control station (NCS) that manages its operation for a given session. The NCS operator calls the net to order at its designated start time, periodically calls for participants to join, listens for them to answer (or check in ) keeps track of the roster of stations for that particular net session, and generally orchestrates the operation of the net.


A different station might be designated NCS for each net session. Overall operation and scheduling of NCS assignments and net sessions is managed by the net manager, whoever holds the current position of Vice President in the DeForest ARC.


When you check in, please indicate your name, call sign, location and what power source you are using for your radio, such as battery power or commercial power. If you have traffic and/or announcements be sure to advise the NCS. All hams will be given an opportunity to make comments sometime during the net, usually after stations have checked-in with the NCS.


A copy of the “Weekly Net Control Procedure” can be found on the DeForest ARC web page, under the category Nets. A direct link to the “Weekly Net Control Procedure” is  here



Jan: N8YWX, Kim

Feb: KB8OMG, Barry

Mar: KE8GAD, Jared

Apr: N8XGR, Tory

May: N8XGQ, Marty

Jun: K8WEH, Bill

Jul: KB8SDF, Jason

Aug: KE8KEK, Alex

Sep: N8XGR, Tory

Oct: K8TFG, Duff

Nov: KB8OMG, Barry

Dec: N8YWX, Kim

The Executive Committee - January 1 through December 31, 2023

President: Kim Paquette N8YWX

Vice-President: William Hablitzel K8WEH

Secretary: Tory Peterson N8XGR

Treasurer: Jared Shupert KE8GAD


Please Join Us at our Club Meetings

Usually at 7:00 PM at at ABCAP Senior Nutrition Center, West Union, Ohio
across from the front steps of the Adams County courthouse on the second Tuesday
of February, April, June, August, October and December.


Other activities of the Club include Emergency Communications Exercises

with different Organizations, so that in a real Emergency

the members will be ready to provide back-up communications.

We also assist the Adams County Emergency Management Agency

by providing back-up communications throughout the Adams County area, whenever needed.


The DeForest ARC can schedule a Laurel test session on request.

The test location is usually at the Adams County EMA, 31 Logans Lane, West Union, OH 45693

There is no charge for the test through Laurel Test Sessions.
Testing for Technician, General and Extra. Walk-ins welcome.
Contact K8WEH at [email protected]

Silent Key Memorial

previous members of DeForest ARC

(and the earlier name, Adams "&" Brown Counties AREC)


·         Weekly Net Control Procedure

·         <Severe Weather Spotter Report(s) Form

·         Form for receiving bulletins fron NWS

Repeaters in the West Union SkyWarn Net area


·         Articles of Incorporation

·         Bylaws

·         Constitution

·         Information about our club

·         Membership Application - DeForest A.R.C.

Emergency Services

§  Adams County, Ohio EMA - Emergency Management Agency

§  Adams County, Ohio Government Web Portal

§  Ohio Emergency Management Agency

§  Serve Ohio (including Citizens Corps of Ohio)

§  Federal Emergency Management Agency

§  The 2012 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG2012) The file is about 4.5 Mb in size.

§  Red Cross

Ham Radio Links

·         American Radio Relay League

·         Cincinnati WARN & many other area HAM clubs

·         Great Lakes Division Page

·         Ohio ARRL Page



·         NETS - traffic, etc.

·         OSSBN Ohio Single SideBand Net

·         Queen City Emergency Net

·         University of Arkansas - U.S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page

·         QRZ Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page



·         National Warnings Area

·         CNN - Radar image for North Central North America

·         The Weather Channel

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