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How it all started in 1958 in Harrisburg, PA K8DD & AC8W go DX'ing - Here and here
FCC - Renew/modify/get a duplicate license ARRL - The American Radio Relay League
  K2 and K3 Stuff (old Firmware, Calibration & Setting xls)
QRP-ARCI  QRP- Amateur Radio Club International   The QRP-ARCI Toy Store is open!
An index to the QRP-ARCI QRP Quarterly Magazine   MI QRP Club
The Contest page - contesting.com  Mad River Radio Club - The contest club
NCJ - The National Contest Journal SEMDXA - So.Eastern MI DX Assoc.
 eHam.net page - The complete Ham Radio site AR DX Assoc.
Links - K8SMC List of Ham Radio Links

                   Contest Logging Software

Links - AC6V List of Ham Radio Links

          CT    NA    N1MM   Writelog   Win-Test

 QSL Info & Callbooks  DX Logs - Links by N6ED
DX PacketClusters you can telnet to by VE9DX

DX Spider Cluster Software and user manual

Look up your call in the YN2DD Log -- Callsign:

Quick callsign lookup:   on qrz.com

K3DCC - we started out in Ham Radio together in the 9th grade!

K8DD - Then and Now!

K8DD  1959  (Field Day 1959, K3DCB on the left, K3DCC on the right)

CQ WW CW at C6A in  1997  and CQ WW SSB at VC2C Zone 2 in  2002  

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