Welcome to my Homepage. These pages are dedicated to the areas of Amateur Radio that I enjoy the most, mainly VHF weak signal.

  My most favorite part of Amateur Radio is Earth-Moon-Earth also known as Moon bounce or Oscar-0. The concept is simple. The moon is used as a passive reflector to reflect vhf and higher frequencies opening up these bands for world wide DX.  My page about EME.       Other items of interest: Pictures of antennas  Elevation details  Azimuth Details  *   746 TX RX separation mod * The raising of the 2m array

  High Speed Meteor Scatter is another fascinating mode that I enjoy. The concept here is to take advantage of the sporadic meteors to make contacts using cw at around 1200wpm.     View my HSMS page.


  My station rundown

  The Shack(maybe some day with me in it)

  N1BUG's info on using CATV hardline ( all my feedlines are either 5/8 or 3/4 catv hardline)

  Meet the other members of my family

  My occupation is farming. View the farm and surrounding area.



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