Bellanca Cruisair


In 1946 Bellanca focused on production of the four-seat model 14-13-2, known as the Cruisair Senior, building about five per day. Featuring retractable landing gear that deployed with a manually cranked bicycle chain system, the modestly priced Cruisair Senior delivered exceptional performance with a relatively small engine.

About 600 Cruisair Seniors were eventually manufactured, far fewer than Bellanca had anticipated due to the post-war �bust� in private aircraft sales.



Jim Page and his 1946 Bellanca Cruisair Senior at Scappoose, Oregon (KSPB) - 2008

150 hp Franklin engine.  Manually retractable landing gear.  All wood wings.  Steel tube and fabric fuselage

Bellanca Crusiairs at a Sanderson Field fly-in - Shelton, Washington

Later model Cruisair in flight, gear retracted

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