Yaesu FT-100 / ATAS 100


HF/50/144/430 MHz Ultra-Compact HF/VHF/UHF



I purchased this little workhorse recently because I missed working mobile. The FT-100 will run AM/CW/SSB/FM on just about any frequency youd like. I also am using the matching Yaesu ATAS 100 automatic antenna that covers 40 10 mtrs. It is mounted on the back trunk lid of my 98 Bonneville with an MFJ Mag Mount. Ive been getting great reports on all bands so far which has only been 10 20 40 mtrs. I read in the FT100 Newsgroup ( which Id recommend to anyone that either has or is thinking about one of these beauties) that a good ground was absolutely necessary. To that end, I did install a special ground from the ATAS to the car chassis with coax braid. See the mobile below




My FT-100 Mounting Solution


This is a mount I had made using a scrap of plexiglass I got for $0.00. For $7.50, I had the plastics shop man bend it in the shape of a square cornered U, drilled holes in it to line up with the bracket holes and then dropped the FT-100 into the U, but up at a small angle. (Ive turned the rig upside down to better show how it works) Then to get some big sound coming out, I got a metal speaker from R.S., put bigger than supplied rubber feet on its side, laid it on top of the FT-100 and used a real small bungee cord to go from one of the mounting screws, over the top of the speaker and fasted it to the opposite screw on the other side. This keeps the speaker in place so it wont fall off and I can take it all out in one piece.

It then simply lays on the console where I took out an insert that Pontiac had conveniently put in. An inexpensive mic hook foam taped to the side of the speaker finishes the job. Since Im in and out of cities all over the N.W. and staying in motels, I needed something that could be taken in and out easily.


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