New Shack – May 2002


Here is my new Ham Shack. My wife has let me take over our “playroom” on the second floor for an Office / Ham Shack Combo. The operating station layout was inspired by Mac, W7JHS. This change was made in May of 2002.



Across the top is the new audio chain equipment comprised of a Sansui AU555, a frequency counter and a TEK 465 to watch it all unfold. Next is my National HRO-500, followed by a NC-300 and Hammarlund HQ-180 with the appropriate speakers. The first level consists of my pristine E.F. Johnson Valiant, Wanzer Antenna Tuner and Daiwa Power/SWR Meter, National HRO-50T1, Collins 51J-2 and E.F. Johnson Viking ll. Lastly is a fine Gonset G-66B receiver with a Johnson 122 VFO sitting on top.


To the left of the Valiant is an Elmac AF-68 holding court over a Heathkit KL-1 Chippewa Kilowatt Amplifier. For my money, the AF-68 is every bit as good sounding as a Johnson Ranger. (Multi-Elmac essentially copied the Ranger circuit and housed it separately from the power supply to make it flexible for mobile operation) Various D-104 microphones and a homebrew condenser adorn the operating space.

The power supply for the Chippewa sits on the floor behind the lefthand file cabinet. It all makes for a wonderful operating experience.