Hammarlund Radio


Growing up, all the guys in my block wanted to have one of these.

I’ve got several now and want to share them with you.  Hammarlunds are easy to work on, except for the SP-600 and its consumerized sister the PRO-310.


SOLD - The HQ-140X was my first purchase of my “modern” BA era. Got it at the 1998 Tacoma hamfest



    This SP-600 was hauled back from a business trip to California.  I acquired a speaker panel that fit “nicely” into the available case I had. No external speaker required.



    The BC-779/SP-200 was acquired at the 1999 Puyallup hamfest for $15. Did a complete restoration of this and it works very well now. Great audio.



    This is the infamous Hammarlund PRO-310. It was developed as the “Cadillac” of the Hammarlund  consumer line to compete with Collins equipment and has a lot of things in common with the SP-600, including the band switching turret. It has a very unusual dial mechanism. Hammarlund put SO much money into the internal design of this receiver, there must not have been any money left over for good knobs. These are pretty chincy and as you can see, the emblem is long gone. Rumor has it that very few survived since they were only attached with stick-on tape. There were less than 1000 of these made and consequently very collectable. If only its performance was as good as its “art deco” styling. I was lucky enough to find one at a local electronics shop in Seattle



    You are looking at the HQ-160. This is a beautiful band cruising receiver and is probably neck and neck with the SP-600 for my favorite Hammarlund. It is the “new style” version of the ever popular and rightly so, HQ-150. Its got all of the controls that a ham needs to pull stations out of the QRM.  I prefer it to my HQ-180.


    Here you have the HQ-180. The last of the style that included the 145, 160, 170 and 180. It is a triple conversion receiver and holds it’s value very nicely. I personally don’t care for the tuning knobs. They are just not substantial enough for a receiver of this performance.


Out in the shop I’ve got the makings for a HQ-170 and a very unusual HQ-129X parts chassis with a chrome front section where most are grey wrinkle paint.


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